54 Modern Indoor Plant Displaying Ideas for Your Home

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Fancy up your home with greenery using these cool Plant Displaying Ideas! They are easy to set up, and you would definitely love to copy them!

We have some different, useful, stylish, and wacky Plant Displaying Ideas that you can use in your rooms to showcase greenery like never before!

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Plant Displaying Ideas

Living Room

1. A Tall Plant Stand with Wooden Crates

Plant Displaying Ideas

A tall plant stand like this is a great way to showcase vining plants in a large living room.

2. A Plant Wall!

Here’s a quick plant wall you can make using a wooden frame and keep it anywhere!

3. Cactus in a Canary Yellow Pot with Bright Wallpaper in a Room

Plant Displaying Ideas 2

Match a bright and colorful wallpaper in a room with a green cactus growing in a yellow pot on a stand.

4. Pots Atop Tiered Wooden Cabinet

Plant Displaying Ideas 4

A wooden cabinet will give all the smart space you need to display pots! It is one of the best Plant Displaying Ideas on the list!

5. An Indoor Jungle!


Turn your room into an indoor jungle bliss by growing different plants and displaying them on metal stands!

6. A Metal Hanging Circle Shelf to Keep Pots

Plant Displaying Ideas 5

Hang a circle shelf on an empty wall and use the space in a smart way for greenery.

7. Wooden Shelves on a Large Window


A simple yet effective approach to use the space on the window by hanging shelves for pots.

8. A Plant Chandelier!

Plant Displaying Ideas 6

All you need is a hanging wire cage in the shape of a chandelier to train a vining plant like pothos to have this look!

9. Hanging Indoor Garden of Pots

Plant Displaying Ideas 7

This can also work as a room divider! Hanging wooden shelves with wires having different plants.

10. Pots Line-up On a Staircase


Use the empty space on a wooden staircase to the best by placing pots on either side of it.

11. Climbing Plant on the Side Wall with Hanging Shelf

A climbing plant covers the side of the wall beautifully while matching the pots on the hanging shelf in the backdrop.

12. Hanging Metal Planters

Plant Displaying Ideas 9

These metal planters can be added to any room to display different vining plants.

13. Pothos Trailing Down a Wooden Shelf

Cover a wooden shelf with greenery by letting a pothos vine trail on top and side of it.

14. Customized Round Wooden Shelf for Potted Plants

Plant Displaying Ideas 10

Make a customized circular shelf according to the available space in your room, or get a readymade one with sections for potted plants.

15. Table and a Tall Shelf for Containers


Add a tall shelf and a matching table to line up different pots.

16. A Dedicated Green Room!

Plant Displaying Ideas 11

If you want greenery all around indoors, then it would be a nice idea to make a dedicated room of plants!

17. In-Built Shelf in the Wall to Keep Pots

Plant Displaying Ideas 12

Use the space where the walls adjoin in a room by adding built-in shelves.

18. Hanging Pots of Trailing Plants on the Window


Hang mini baskets and pots using a hook on the window to grow trailing plants in a line.

19. Pygmee Bed and a Zimbabwe Gourd Basket

Plant Displaying Ideas 13

Add layers of dried straws on hanging cages and pair them up with a pygmy bed, plants, and Zimbabwe gourd basket.

20. Mini Table with Potted Plants


Add a mini table along with a plant stand and a large black pot to add greenery.

21. Big Monstera with a Large Couch

Plant Displaying Ideas 15

The large green leaves of the monstera will match perfectly with the deep maroon couch in a living room.

22. Tiny Plant Packets

Plant Displaying Ideas 18

Mini plant packets like these are perfect to grow cacti, succulents, and air plants.

23. A Neatly Integrated Windowsill Planter


A smart windowsill planter like this can be installed indoors to let the plants have all the light they need!

24. Smart Shelves for Wall

Plant Displaying Ideas 21

These mini smart shelves are good for plants like succulents and cacti.

25. A Wooden Ladder to Display a Variety of Plants


Sometimes, a simple approach is all you need for plant display! Like this ladder here.

26. Ceramic Planters on a Pallet Wall

Plant Displaying Ideas 22

Ceramic planters look neat when you hang them on a wooden wall.

27. Mini Shelf, Hanging Basket, and a Banner

A mini shelf is perfect to showcase cutting while the hanging basket can take in a big plant!

28. White Plant Shelf for the Corner

Plant Displaying Ideas 24

A big white plant shelf for the corner with individual sections to display plants is a wonderful idea!

29. Potted Plants with a Grafitti

Charlotte May

Potted plants at the corner with modern furniture and graffiti on the wall will complete the boho look.

30. A Victorian Design

Plant Displaying Ideas 25

A lavish Victorian-style decor with velvet upholstery, a tall plant stand at the corner, and a chandelier completes the look of a living room.

31. A Boho Green Corner


A wooden wall with hanging and potted plants are all you need to add that interesting boho appeal.

32. Pots on Kitchen Utensil Bar with Hooks

Plant Displaying Ideas 28

A kitchen utensil bar with hooks is a smart way to showcase plants on a wall.

33. Macrame Planters


Macrame planters have an unbeaten style when it comes to displaying pots in hanging fashion.

34. A Lighted Plant Shelf

Plant Displaying Ideas 57

Make your potted plants stand out by keeping them in an illuminated shelving unit.

35. A Plastic Round Shelf


A plastic round shelf like this is lightweight and offers you tremendous space to display multiple plants!

36. Hexagonal Plant Shelves


These hexagonal plant shelves add an industrial appeal while allowing you to make the best use of space.

37. Exquisite Brass Colored Plant Stand

Plant Displaying Ideas 59

A golden or brass-hued plant stand like this will look remarkable in the corner of a room.

38. Wooden Plant Shelves

Plant Displaying Ideas 62

Wooden shelves on the wall will give you ample space to showcase multiple plants of your choice!

39. A Black Clothes Rack Plant Hanger

Plant Displaying Ideas 61

A black clothes rack plant hanger is a minimalistic way to hang pots in macrame planters.


40. Tall Snake Plant at the Corner

Plant Displaying Ideas 3

Keep a pot of a tall snake plant at the corner of a kitchen countertop to add a green vibe

41. Hanging Wooden Shelf on top of a Kitchen Sink to Grow Herbs


Grow herbs right in the kitchen by hanging a wooden shelf and fixing pots in it.

42. Small Pot on a Kitchen Cabinet

Plant Displaying Ideas 8

If you want a touch of greenery in your kitchen, then keep a small potted plant on the cabinet like this.

43. Hanging Plants and Crafts

Plant Displaying Ideas 23

Here’s a cool trick to hang crafts and hanging plants over a small dining table. You can also use faux greens.


44. Hanging Ladder in a Bedroom to Hang Plants


Hang a ladder right above the bed in a bedroom to enjoy the look of trailing plants above! It is one of the best Plant Displaying Ideas on the list!

45. Brick Wall with Hanging Planters

Keep it a little raw by finishing a bedroom wall in brick and hang colorful planters on it.

46. Hot Summer Camp Vibes with Hanging Baskets of Plants


Make a mini hut on the top of a low bed in a bedroom with hanging baskets full of pothos! It is one of the best Plant Displaying Ideas on the list!

47. A Dreamy Bedroom

Plant Displaying Ideas 58

Line up different plants on one side of the bedroom to make it a dreamy green space!

48. Hanging Pots with Brass Rings

Add a touch of class to your bedroom by including hanging planters with brass hoops at the back window. It is one of the best Plant Displaying Ideas on the list!

49. Pots on a Gold Wire Side Table

This classy wire side table in gold color can be used as a plant stand.

50. Bedroom with Hanging Baskets and Headboard


A bed with a large wooden headboard at the back with two hanging baskets of plants at the side is all you need for a beautiful display!

51. Use Cloth Rack as Planter

Using a cloth rack as a planter is a brilliant way to add greenery in a limited space like a small bedroom.


52. A Wooden Wall with Sections for Plants

Plant Displaying Ideas 14

A wooden wall section like this on a sunny balcony will give you ample space to grow different plants, salads, and herbs.

53. Pots Lined Up on a Balcony Railing

Make a balcony garden on the railing by lining up different colored pots!


54. Trailing Vine in a Bathroom

Plant Displaying Ideas 26

While decking up your indoor space, do not forget the bathroom! Add a vining plant like pothos to add greenery.

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