11 Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

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Looking for contemporary ideas to add greenery to your home? These DIY Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas are exactly that.

Houseplants are great, but finding space for them can be tough. Have you ever thought of suspending them from the ceiling? But not with that boring way of hanging planters–try out these plant chandeliers indoors.

Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

1. Chandelier Planter IdeaIndoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

Here’s a fantastic chandelier planter idea that you can recreate over the weekend to spruce up the dining room. Just hang it over the table and enjoy the jungle vibes it creates.

2. Cascading Succulent ChandelierBeautiful Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas

A random branch from the garden or driftwood and some tools are all you need to make a lovely chandelier! Don’t believe us–see for yourself!

3. DIY Indoor Chandelier Planter

If you aren’t afraid to go bold and love vibrant colors, here’s another great chandelier that you would love. You can easily make one just like this.

4. Plant Chandelier BallAmazing Plant Chandelier Ideas

Do you know you could make one of these chandeliers for your home in just 10 minutes? Pretty neat, huh? Well, here’s the DIY to get started.

5. Lush Pothos Chandelier for Indoor SpacesAwesome Indoor Plant Chandelier Ideas 65

This one will save you a lot of work because you don’t have to make a chandelier from scratch. You just take an old one and repurpose it so it can hold plants. Cool, right?

6. Tray Chandelier Idea

Tray Chandelier Idea in home

Ever wish you had a way to clear the clutter from the table? Well, this indoor chandelier idea will help you do just that. It can hold pots, condiments, bottles, and much more.

7. Chandelier from a Ladder


Suspend a small ladder from your room’s ceiling and use it for hanging planters. Add a bit of string lights and decor, and voila!

8. DIY Green ChandelierGreen Chandelier

Why not create a plant chandelier that’s full of natural greens? Think succulents, ferns, and moss. This DIY guide will help you.

9. Simple Chandelier PlanterSimple Chandelier Planter ideas

Step one–grab an old chandelier. Step two–add small pots full of plants on each arm of the chandelier. Three–give it a paint job. It’s really that simple–for more steps, just follow this DIY.

10. Light Fixture Hanging Planter

Light Fixture Hanging Planter as chandlier ideas 67

If you aren’t afraid to do some woodwork, here’s a phenomenal indoor chandelier light fixture that doubles as a plant hanger you can make.

11. Use a Pot as a Chandelier

Hanging planter as chandlier

Don’t want much hassle? Simply use a pot hanging from the ceiling as a chandelier. You just need to know how to hang it properly.

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