50 Indoor Plants Living Room Decor Ideas From Instagram

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Want to make your home more lively and interesting? Take a cue from these amazing Indoor Plants Living Room Decor Ideas from Instagram!

Instagram has become one of the most stellar social sites where you can get some really neat ideas! For this reason, we dig out some of the best Indoor Plants in Living Room Ideas, if you like these ideas, don’t forget to follow these Instagram accounts for more updates.

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Instagram Living Room Decor Ideas

1. The Dubai Windowsill

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A post shared by Green and Sassy (@greenandsassy)

2. A Succulent Shelfie!

3. Variegated Plants in a Blue Room

4. Minimalistic Coffee Table with Plant

5. Modern Coffeetable with Fern

6. Hanging Plant Box

7. Boho Indoor Design with Plants

8. Gray and White Elegant Decor

9. Scandinavian Living Room

10. Eclectic Decor With Plants

11. Cane Furniture With Potted Plants

12. Tall Fiddle Leaf by the Window

13. ‘Tropical’ Living Room


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A post shared by Luoma Living (@luomaliving)

14. One Large Houseplant


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A post shared by Laskasas (@laskasas)

15. A Shelfie

16. Luxury Interior

17. Contemporary Aesthetics

18. Living Room Decor

19. An Admirable Rug & Plant

20. The April Home

21. Minimalistic & Modern

22. A Cosy Den with Flowers and Paintings

23. Sunny and Airy

24. When Opulence Meets Nature

25. Greenery With Modern Warmth

26. A Wood Palette Kitchen

27. Luxurious Outdoor Dining

28. Green, Modern, and Comfortable

29. Living Room Interior Inspiration

30. Colorful Tabletop Decoration

31. Plant Mom’s Home

32. Plants in Colorful Pots

33. Cactus Charm

34. A Corner For Mental Peace

35. Flowering Plants and Paintings

36. Mirror With Large Foliage Plant & Model

37. Plant Lover’s Living Room

38. An Urban Jungle!

39. Hanging Fern with Potted Plants

40. Dark Theme Room with Plant

41. A Cozy Green Room!

42. Potted Palm with Paintings

43. Monstera with Other Plants with Green Sofa

44. An Urban Room with Plants

45. Plants, Paintings, and Books!

46. Blue Couch with Tropical Plants

47. Jungle Living Room


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A post shared by Roosa 🌿 (@roosanur)

48. Pink Room with Plants on the Windowsill

49. A Living Wall of Ferns and Other Plants!

50. Plant Stand by the Stairs

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