How to Make Wandering Jew Bushy and Bigger | 5 Best Tricks

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Don’t know How to Make Wandering Jew Bushy and Bigger? With these tips, it’ll exceed all your expectations!

how to make Wandering Jew bushy

Want your tradescantia to become the bushiest and boldest on the block? No problemo! Training it that way is as easy as baking a pie as long as you know what to do and how to do it!

18 Different Ways to Grow Wandering Jew Indoors

The Number #1 Trick to Make Wandering Jew Bushy

prunning Wandering Jew

Instead of just pinching (you should keep doing it) or cutting the tips, do a little more. Selectively prune individual stems! Identify the leggiest or longest ones and prune them back a little. This allows you to maintain a more compact overall shape while encouraging equal denser growth.

Other Tricks to Make Wandering Jew Bigger, Bold, and Bushier

Here’s the good news: this is one of the easiest plants to grow, which means you won’t need to struggle a lot to make your wandering dude look that way.

2. Pick the Right Pot

bushier Wandering Jew

Avoid too large or too small pot – finding a balance is the key and to ensure you pick the right one – go for a container that’s about one or two sizes bigger than the root ball of the plant.

For small plants, a 6-8-inch container is a good choice to start. Examine the roots annually. If they are circling the bottom or poking out through drainage holes and the plant looks exhausted, it’s time to repot. You can also divide the plant in half and plant it back in the old pot.

If you want your wandering jew to be bigger, go for a 10-12 inches pot.

3. Find a Sunshine Shade Spot

Wandering Jew in sunlight

You need to give your Wandering Jew some sunshine, but not too much. They love a bit of morning sun or gentle light throughout the day. Here’s what you can do:

Find a spot where the plant gets 2-4 hours of direct morning sunlight and indirect light for the rest of the day.

4. Plant Multiple Cuttings in the Same Container

bigger Wandering Jew

When you are done pruning the plant, don’t throw away the cuttings! Use them to your advantage by propagating them in the same pot!

What this will do is it will create more plants in the same pot, making them all appear as one – creating the effect of a very old bushy specimen!

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5. Fertilize It Right

Treat your Wandering Jew to a snack every 3-4 weeks in the growing season – dilute the balanced liquid fertilizer to 1/4 of its strength and feed the plant. You can also mist the foliage with Epsom salt solution once in 2 weeks to make your plant look more lustrous.

Some Quick Tricks

bushier and bigger Wandering Jew

  • Keep things warm and toasty. Wandering Jews like it between 60-90°F (15-32°C). Say no to extreme drafts and sudden temp surprises.
  • Keep things looking sharp by giving your Wandering Jew a quarter turn (Potted ones) every time you water. Let all its sides get a bit of sun.

Stick to these easy-peasy tips, and soon you’ll be the proud parent of the bushiest Wandering Jew in town. Happy growing!

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  1. It’s never been a derogatory term to call the plant Wandering Jew!!
    The name came from Moses time traveling jews to the promised land. Cannan.
    Please try and stop your own bigotry.

  2. Funny to comment on the name, but give no suggestion as to what to replace it with. The technical name for the plant is Tradescantia Zebrina. Hopefully a zebra does not get offended.


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