How to Make a Powerful Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants

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Learn How to Make this Powerful Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants and get a bumper harvest of juicy cucumbers.

 Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants

Do your cucumber vines look weak and fail to produce enough yield? If so, learn How to Make a Powerful Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants and get an abundant harvest.

What this amazing feed does is it makes the growing medium all-powerful by increasing the nitrogen and phosphorus content in plants; it also improves the functioning of roots as beneficial bacteria in yeast activate and help the plant grow.

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How to Make a Powerful Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants

Follow these steps to make this cost-effective biofertilizer for your cucumber plants. You can also try this recipe for tomatoes and eggplants.

1. Fill a Tub with Water

To make this quick fertilizer, fill a tub with a liter of water. Make sure the water is clean and non-chlorinated.

2. Add Sugar & Yeast

Add one tablespoon each of sugar and dry yeast. Yeast is a great bio-fertilizer that produces carbon dioxide gas when mixed with sugar, which is highly beneficial for new growth in plants.

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3. Mix it Thoroughly & Wait

Mix thoroughly and let the solution sit in a warm and dark place for 2-4 days. The sugar will activate the yeast, thus boosting fermentation, which helps in healthy and sturdier growth in cucumbers.

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4. The Magic Potion is Ready for Use!

Homemade Yeast Fertilizer for Cucumber Plants 3

According to this research, yeast also helps in positive shoot and root characteristics, which induces better yield in cucumbers. This potion also helps the plant against root diseases.

5. Use it Directly on Cucumber Plants

Dilute it with water in the ratio of 1:1 and use it to water the plants once in 3-4 weeks.

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6. Repeat the Process Thrice for Best Results

You may feed the cucumber plants with this fertilizer thrice—while they are still small, again when the plant bears flowers, and finally when it bears fruits.

Do not feed more than 2 to 3 times!

Note: You can also use this fertilizer for other vegetables too!

For a visual guide, must watch this step-by-step video tutorial here

Watch this video for more information

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