20 Best Pickling Cucumber Varieties | Best Cucumbers for Crunchy Pickles

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If you are a fan of pickles, then here are some of the best Pickling Cucumber Varieties you can grow in your garden for a fresh supply!

The difference between the regular cucumbers and the pickling variety is that the latter has thinner skins, are extremely crisp, and have smaller seeds, making them the best option for pickles. The pickling varieties are smaller in size and even this matters, as the smaller they are, the easier it is to prep and pickle! Have a look at the best Pickling Cucumber Varieties!

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Best Pickling Cucumber Varieties

1. Boston Pickling

Pickling Cucumber Varieties

A very popular heirloom variety, this one is famous for its distinctive short cucumbers, with really crisp flesh, and thin skin. Depending on all your pickling needs, they can be harvested when they are around three to seven inches.

2. Calypso

Calypso is an excellent hybrid grown particularly for slicing or pickling purposes. Out of most of the pickling variety, this has one of the heaviest yields. These are resistant to most diseases and can mature in approximately 50-55 days.

3. Eureka


A versatile and all-purpose cucumber, Eureka is a hybrid variety. It is perfect for pickles and grows upto 4-7 inches. Extremely resilient to diseases, it grows quickly and matures in 55-60 days.

4. Jackson

Dark green in color, this small variety is perfect for pickling. It can produce 2-3 fruits at each node, is high in yield throughout the summer, and grows extremely fast. It has really tender skin and can be enjoyed fresh from the plant.

5. Sassy


This variety of cucumber produces a high yield of dark green four-inch fruits. With vigorous long vines and healthy foliage, this plant can have more than 4 weeks of harvest. The fruits are sweet in taste, have crisp flesh, and thin skin.

6. Homemade Pickles


One of the greatest heirlooms for pickling, the Homemade Pickle variety is a vigorous bush that is very resistant to the usual diseases. With a bountiful harvest, this plant produces mild green cucumbers that small in size and taste delicious in pickles and other dishes.

7. Northern Pickling

Pickling Cucumber Varieties 2

An excellent option for a home garden, the Northern Pickling is another fast-growing variety that is ideal for pickling. This plant matures in 50-55 days and can produce high yields of small rounded cucumbers.

8. National Pickling

Perfect for smaller gardens, the National Pickling variety is high-yielding and of great quality. Growing up to 4-6 inches long, each fruit is perfectly grown for pickling. This variety is ready to harvest in 55-60 days.

9. Picklebush

A compact variety, the Picklebush Cucumbers vines grow up to 3-5 inches. These classic pickling fruits are pale green in color and adorned with white stripes. They are best picked when they are smaller for an awesome taste.

10. Salt & Pepper

Small and cylindrical, these cucumbers are roughly about 2-4 inches long. The outer skin is a shade of white or light green with bumps all around. When this hybrid matures, the skin turns a pale yellow.

11. Supremo


Along with extremely uniform and firm fruits, the Supremo cucumber is one to grow for all your pickling needs. With a consistent green shade, the fruits are mature in 55-60 days and can be harvested when they are anywhere between 2-3 inches.

12. Carolina


An early bloomer, the Carolina cucumber variety is an ideal option for pickling too. With bountiful yields, this plant produces excellent fruit that is lacking in nubs or spines, making this perfect to even eat fresh.

13. Burpee Pickler

Pickling Cucumber Varieties 3

As this variety matures in 50-55 days, the Burpee Pickler is a quick-growing plant for your pickling uses. The fruits grow anywhere between 3-5 inches. Green in color, this variety is popular for its high yield, crisp flesh, and wide adaptability.

14. Parisian


The Parisian Cucumber variety is a mini-pickling type that can also be used in salads and slaws. This semi-vining plant abundantly produces fruits that are around 2-4 inches. They taste great in both pickles and salads.

15. English Hothouse

Bountiful and quick growing, the English Hothouse cucumber produces fruits that are long and narrow, making it perfect for pickling and fresh salads. They can grow upto 14 inches but can be harvested when smaller so they can be ideal for pickling purposes.

16. Little Leaf H-19

With a distinctive bright emerald color, the fruits of the Little Leaf H-19 variety are perfect for both pickling and eating fresh. The vines of this plant are compact in size, but this does not stop the plant from maturing quickly.

17. Adam Gherkins

Conditioned to grow in any climate, they can be depended on for great flavor, impeccable crispness, and small in size which is about 2-3 inches. They are also very resilient to cucumber mosaic virus, scab, and powdery mildew.

18. Kirby Cukes

These are very popular cucumbers that can easily be grown in containers or planters that have full sun to partial shade. They usually grow up to 5-6 inches, but can be harvested when they are smaller and this can be used for pickling.

19. Pick a Bushel

Pickling Cucumber Varieties 4

The Pick a Bushel produces at least 20-25 fruits per plant. This variety offers sweet-tasting cucumbers that are firm in texture and crisp in flesh. For pickling, it is best when the fruits are harvested when they are around 3-5 inches.

20. Fancipak

This cucumber variety is bountiful, crisp, and delicious. The fruits grow up to 4-5 inches. Being one of the most disease-resistant varieties, the Fancipak is the ideal option for home gardeners and farmers alike.

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