How to Grow Round Gourd Easily

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Here’s a detailed guide on How to Grow Round Gourd that will help you to cultivate them easily and enjoy fresh healthy veggies.


If you love gourds, then you must try growing this cute and small variety, which you can harvest in just 70-80 days. You can also train it around arbors as its trailing stems look quite appealing! Here are all the details on How to Grow Round Gourd!

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Propagating Round Gourd

You can grow round gourds easily from seeds when the weather is warm. You can start it any time of the year if you live in a warm climate. Start the process when the soil temperature is 40-85 F (10-40 C).

  • Take a medium-size pot, fill it with a well-draining potting mix and sow 2-4 seeds.
  • Gently push the seeds into the soil with fingers and cover with a 1-inch layer of the growing medium.
  • Water well and keep the pot where it gets bright but indirect light.
  • The seeds will sprout in 2-4 weeks.

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Choosing a Pot

You can easily grow the plant in a pot. This way, you can cultivate it on a balcony or a patio. Use a 12-16 inches pot, but ensure you support it as it’s a vining plant. You can use a bamboo or metal pole or a trellis for it.

Requirements for Growing Round Gourd 



If you want plenty of harvest, then the plant needs sun exposure most of the time. The more sunlight it gets, the better it will be. This will promote faster growth with bigger-sized gourds. Avoid growing the plant in the shade.


Amend the soil with plenty of organic matter at the time of planting. Use a bit of compost, and coco peat, too. Remember, the growing medium needs to be well-draining. Also, it should be slightly acidic to neutral with a pH of 5.5 to 7.


For best growth, you must always keep the growing medium on the moist side. Never let the soil go dry completely, as it will result in cracked gourds. Water thoroughly when the topsoil feels a little dry to touch.


A round gourd is a vigorous climber and requires strong support to grow. Install a strong trellis or use bamboo sticks, metal or plastic pipes, ropes, and wires to make your own support.

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Round Gourd Care

How to Grow Round Gourd 2


The plant will take care of its own if you have used a rich growing medium. If you want to boost the growth, use a balanced liquid fertilizer, diluted to 1/2 of its strength, once in 3-5 weeks.

Avoid using a nitrogen-rich feed as it will result in more foliage and less gourds

Pests and Diseases

Look out for aphids, cucumber beetle, squash bugs, and vine borer. Spray insecticide immediately if any early signs or symptoms are seen.

Look out for powdery mildew when plants are in the young phase. To avoid potential issues, avoid spraying water on the foliage, provide plenty of bright light and keep the plant where it gets good air circulation.

Harvesting Round Gourd


You can harvest round gourd in 80-90 days from sowing seeds. The plant begins to flower at the end of the third month. Pick them when they are slightly soft to touch. You might have to snip one off to see first to get an idea.

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