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Learn how to grow chlorella at home in this brief step by step tutorial. Growing chlorella is not very difficult.

Chlorella is a green algae that that is rich in nutrients and sold as a dietary supplement. Chlorella contains all the B vitamins as well as amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, nucleic acid, and various minerals. According to alternative medicine practitioners daily consumption of chlorella is good for your health. Growing chlorella at home costs less than buying processed supplements and is just as effective and you don’t need lot of space to do to grow Chlorella_mini

Instructions for Growing Chlorella

  • Bring a pot of clean water to boil.
  • Place the glass jar horizontally into boiling water to allow access of water into the jar. Remove the jar after 2-3 minutes and allow it to dry out.
  • After the sterilization, fill the jar half to two-third way with mineral water.
  • Add the chlorella culture into the water in a jar with a spoon. Buy chlorella cultures only from qualified and reputable seller and follow the seller’s instructions.
  • Place the jar on a sunny spot inside, near a windowsill is perfect. Also attach a thermometer using adhesive to monitor the temperature of the jar of water. For this, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to attach the thermometer. Some thermometers needs to be kept out the jar and some are inserted into the water for an accurate reading.
  • For growing chlorella at home it is important to provide carbon-dioxide in water. For this, you can drop a few limestones or CO2 generator tablets bought from aquarium shops. Avoid adding too much limestone otherwise this will vitiate your chlorella growth.
  • Maintain a constant temperature of 80 to 85 F, which is very essential. If sunlight is insufficient use a heat lamp to control the temperature.
  • Harvest chlorella after a week of growth.

Tips & Warnings

  • Browse algae from the top of the water with a spoon and use a wet chlorella or pour the water through the filter or cheese cloth to harvest it.
  • Use wet chlorella immediately. Dried chlorella can be stored and used within two years.
  • You’ll need to process chlorella in a blender to break the cell walls before consuming it so that it releases nutrients.

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  1. I have heard that chlorella converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, is it absorbed by carbon dioxide from the environment, either from the solution, and also does it produce oxygen as a solution, or as a gas in the atmosphere?

    • It’s called “photosynthesis.” Carbon dioxide plus water plus sunshine in a green plant yields sugar–food–and oxygen.
      The oxygen is much hyped, but there is only .04%of CO2 in the atmosphere and about 21% oxygen, so photosynthesis is a VERY trivial contributor to total oxygen. Oxygen is just THERE–it comes with the planet. Food, on the other hand, is a VITAL product of plants.


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