Growing Squash Vertically | How to Grow Squash on a Trellis

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Here are the benefits of Growing Squash Vertically that will surely tempt you to grow this vine in your garden in a limited space with ease!

Growing Squash Vertically

Growing Squash Vertically is the best way to improve the yeild while saving plenty of space! Let’s have a look at how to do it easily!

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Why You Must Grow Squash Vertically?

Squash plants have a dense growth habit, and they can sprawl and take over the garden in no time. To ensure their growth stays in check, training them on a trellis vertically helps you save up space while ensuring you get tonnes of fruits!

What Are the Benefits of Growing Squash Vertically?

  • Encourages Growth: When you grow squash vertically, it improves the airflow, promoting the plant’s growth.
  • Helps to Control Pests: While growing vertically, the leaves are exposed to sunlight and air, which eliminates the chances of pests hiding and dwelling in dark areas.
  • Improves Sunlight Reachability: As the plant grows vertically, it helps the leaves to have a direct and even exposure to sunlight.
  • Eliminates Fruit Rot: As the fruits can become quite heavy, growing the plant vertically keeps them off the ground, which eliminates the chances of rotting.

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Best Varieties of Squash to Grow Vertically

Avoid growing squashes that get heavy like Butternut squash as they will weigh down the entire plant. The best light varieties to grow are:

  • Acorn: It looks like a small pumpkin and does great on vertical support.
  • Yellow Summer: It is also a great choice. The fruits grow in a tubular shape.
  • Zucchini: This squash can grow quite long in size, but it is light, which makes it perfect for growing vertically.
  • Delicata: These squash are compact in size and look like a watermelon. They also harvest early.

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How to Grow Squash Vertically?

Growing Squash Vertically 2

1. Selecting the Location

Choose a site that gets plenty of bright but indirect light from all the sides as it will promote proper growth and fruiting. Do not choose a location that dwells in excessive shade or sun.

2. Planting and Support

Plant the squash and then wait till it grows 4-8 inches tall. At this point, you will have to support the plant using small sticks or plastic pipes. Give proper space between two plants.

3. Choosing the Right Trellis

Obelisks, tomato cages, bamboo poles, plastic pipes, and old branches – all make for a good trellis for the plant. Ensure that you fix them properly on the ground so that they take the weight of the plant without bending or dropping over.

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Taking Care of Squash Vertically

1. Mulching

Mulching around the base of the plants is important to suppress the growth of weeds. It will also help to conserve moisture, which will promote fruiting.

2. Pruning

There will be a time when the vines will start to outgrow the trellis and all over the place. You will have to prune them from time to time to make sure they stay within the space.

This will also encourage proper sunlight exposure to all parts of the plant.

3. Watering

Water the plants on a regular basis so that the soil never dries out completely, as it will stunt the growth of the plant and will also decrease the size of the fruits.

Give it plenty of water when the topsoil feels a bit dry to the touch.

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