Butternut Squash Growing Stages in Detail

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Learning about Butternut Squash Growing Stages will help you understand its development properly, which would also help you in growing it.

Butternut Squash Growing Stages

Growing butternut squash involves several distinct stages, from seed germination to fruits. Understanding these will help you get a plentiful harvest!

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Butternut Squash Growing Stages

1. Seed Germination (Day 1-10)

After you have planted the seeds, they soak up the water along with nutrients, and continue to grow till their outer shell cracks open.

The embryonic root (radicle) emerges first, followed by the shoot (plumule). The seeds germinates best in soil temperatures about 70°F or 21°C.

2. Seedling Stage (Day 10-25)

Anywhere between 2 to 3 weeks, you will start seeing the seedling – this is the time when the first true leaves develop and start photosynthesis.

Make sure the plant gets plenty of indirect and bright light, along with water.

3. Vegetative Growth (Day 25-55)

Butternut Squash vegetative Stages

By this stage, the plant will start to grow rapidly – thriving with leaves and vines, which can extend upto several feet in length.

Regular watering and fertilization are crucial. You must start to mulch to help the soil retain moisture.

4. Flowering Stage (Day 55-75)

This is the time when you will start to see blooms, indicating that the plant is ready for the fruits! Butternut squash produces both male and female flowers – the pollination will be taken care by the bees, or other pollinators.

You can also go for hand pollination if necessary.

5. Fruit Development (Day 75-100)

Butternut Squash fruit development Stage

After the pollination, the plant will begin to develop fruits. Water well at this stage, as the squash grows rapidly – it will have a light green color initially.

6. Fruit Ripening (Day 100-130)

By this stage, you will start noticing the change in color, as the squash turns to its characteristic tan hue. Its skin also becomes hard, indicating it is nearing the harvest time!

7. Harvesting (Day 130+)

When you notice the stems getting brown and dry along with hard outer skin of the fruit – well, its time to pick them!

Cut the squash from the vine with a sharp knife or pruners, leaving a few inches of stem.

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