Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches

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Here’s a fun and easy trick on Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches to multiply these plants easily!

Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings

Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches is an easy and effective way to grow new plants from your existing ones. This method can save you money and allow you to expand your collection without the need to purchase new plants.

Aglaonema Plants

From Stem Cuttings, Aglaonema

Chinese evergreens, a group comprising 21 to 24 different species and over 50 varieties, cultivars, and hybrids, are a popular choice as indoor plants. These plants are native to regions spanning from China to Australia, with the Philippine evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum) being particularly common.

The only downside to owning these plants is that they can be addictive, and one may never be enough! However, instead of purchasing another aglaonema of the same type you already have, consider propagating the one you own. Not only will this save you money, but it can also boost the overall health of your plant when performed correctly and at the right time.

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What is the Best Time to Grow Aglaonema from Cuttings?

The best time to grow Aglaonema from cuttings is in the spring or summer. If you are taking cuttings from a mature plant, you should wait until the plant is actively growing.

Make sure to choose healthy, disease-free cuttings and keep them in a warm, humid environment until they have rooted.

Propagating Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches

Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches

Here are the step-by-step instructions for Growing Aglaonema from Stem Cuttings and Branches.


  • Sharp pruners
  • Clean scissors
  • Well-draining soil
  • Pot
  • Existing healthy Aglaonema plant


  1. Use sharp pruners to cut 5-6 inches-long healthy branches from the existing Aglaonema plant.
  2. Remove the lower leaves from the cut branches, leaving only the top two foliage leaves.
  3. Use clean scissors to cut the top, including two leaves, into two separate pieces.
  4. Repeat this process with other branches.
  5. Fill a pot with well-draining soil. Place the cut branches on top of the soil, pressing one side of the branch tip into the soil.
  6. Place the pot in bright, indirect light.
  7. Wait for approximately 30-45 days, during which roots and shoots will begin to appear on the cuttings.
  8. You can plant the rooted branches separately in individual pots filled with good-quality, well-draining potting soil!

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