24 Funny Looking Plants That Look So Weird

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Here is the list of some Funny Looking Plants that also Look Weird and will surely make you marvel at the wonders of nature!

Just like all living beings, plants do come in interesting and sometimes ridiculous shapes, colors, and forms. These Funny Looking Plants in this list are living proof.

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Funny Looking Plants

1. Catasetum Orchid

Funny Looking Plants

Botanical Name: Catasetum sanguineum

At a first glance, the middle of the flower appears like a big tip of a nose glancing right at you. This attribute makes this plant both funny and weird to look at!

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2. Rabbit’s Foot Fern

Botanical Name: Phlebodium aureum

The plant features fuzzy brown-haired rhizomes, which makes people think a small rabbit is hiding near the plant.

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3. Ghost Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 2

Botanical Name: Dendrophylax lindenii

This rare orchid variety can make you laugh with its flowers that look like a group of little ghosts dancing and trying to scare you away!

4. Dancing Girls Impatiens

Botanical Name: Impatiens bequaertii

Native to the rainforests of East Africa, Dancing Girls is a rare and spectacular impatien variety. They make amazing houseplants and look great in hanging baskets.

5. Monkey Face Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 3

Botanical Name: Dracula simia

The flowers of this unique plant look like a funny monkey face. It is one of the most amazing orchid varieties and thrives happily in deep shade and high humidity.

6. Happy Alien

Botanical Name: Calceolaria uniflora

Happy Alien plants are grown for their funny and distinct alien-shaped flowers. They are rarely available and mostly found in regions with cold climates.

7. Bumble Bee Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 4

Botanical Name: Ophrys bombyliflora

This orchid plant flaunts wonderful flowers which just look buzzy laughing bumble bees. It has a nice fragrance and thrives well in regions with a Mediterranean climate.

8. Kissing Lips

Botanical Name: Palicourea elata

Also known as the hot lips, the plant’s flowers have petals that look like two lips with a bright shade of red lipstick!

9. Duck Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 5

Botanical Name: Caleana major

The flowers of this plant have unusual-looking petals that resemble a duck’s head and wings. What makes it look funny as it looks like ducks trying to swim when it sways.

10. Naked Man Orchid

Botanical Name: Orchis italica

Houseplants cannot get funnier than this for sure! The flowers look like naked men standing in clusters in bright pink color.

11. Peter Pepper

Funny Looking Plants 6

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum var. annuum

Also popular as chili willy, but most people love to call it penis pepper and that’s for a reason! The pepper is long and tubular, with a bulbous end.

12. The Penis Plant

Botanical Name:  Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa inermis

This cactus is called a penis plant because it looks exactly like one! It grows just to about 4-6 inches but it makes a big impact with its shape.

13. Brain Cactus

Funny Looking Plants 7

Botanical Name:  Mammillaria Elongata ‘Cristata’

This plant is both funny and weird to look at as it resembles a human brain in appearance. You’ll surely love to add this one to your cacti collection!

14. Jackal Food

Botanical Name: Hydnora africana

The plant looks like succulent at the first glance but it is far from it. Its flower look like a vagina and its bright color makes it more interesting!

15. Travellers Palm

Funny Looking Plants 8

Botanical Name: Ravenala madagascariensis

Not a true palm, its leaves look more like of banana tree. The foliage extends out symmetrically from the trunk and looks weird yet spectacular in gardens.

16. Cannonball Tree

Botanical Name: Couroupita guianensis

The uncommon ornamental tree might be weird to look at, but it is a source of food, medicine, and materials to the locals.

17. Welwitschia

Funny Looking Plants 9

Botanical Name: Welwitschia mirabilis

The plant looks like it is emerging from the earth with light green spiral leaves growing everywhere!

18. Black Bat Flower

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

The black flowers of this plant look like flying bats. Its whiskers or the fine strings on the sides of the flowers can grow up to 20-26 inches in length!

19. Hammer Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 10

Botanical Name: Drakaea glyptodon

Also popular as the King is His Carriage, the flowers can grow up to 10 inches tall and look like two things holding hands.

20. The Cobra Lily

Botanical Name: Darlingtonia californica

It is a carnivorous plant that traps insects using its bright green stalks and bulbous cap, which gives it a cobra’s head look.

21. Devil’s Tooth

Funny Looking Plants 11

Botanical Name: Hydnellum peckii

It is the weirdest yet beautiful looking fungus in the world! With a pink cap that is decorated with bright red liquid droplets, the plant looks edible!

22. Canterbury Vegetable Sheep

Botanical Name: Raoulia eximia

This cushion forming plant has light gray foliage with yellow ‘flowers’ on top. With a layer of fine silly hair, this looks both weird and attractive.

23. Western Underground Orchid

Funny Looking Plants 12

Botanical Name: Rhizanthella gardneri

Both beautiful and bizarre, this orchid grows underground. It is also critically endangered with very few specimens alive.

24. Asian Watermeal

Botanical Name: Wolffia globosa

Also famous as the world’s smallest food, this plant is no bigger than the head of a pin! It has a taste like watercress and it’s full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

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