12 Fruits You Can Grow Indoors As a Houseplant

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We handpick 12 Fruits You Can Grow Indoors as a houseplant for both their looks and delicious fruits.

It may take up to four years for these plants to start bearing fruits, but our selection of fruit trees are also excellent ornamentals with decorative foliage for your home! Read and bookmark this list of a dozen fruit trees that grow well indoors and in small spaces.

1. Meyer LemonFruits You Can Grow Indoors

Botanical Name: Citrus × meyeri

This cold, hardy citrus cultivar is native to China and is a cross between a citron and a mandarin hybrid. With thin and fragrant skin, its deep-yellow round fruit is sweeter and less sour than other lemons and is often labeled as the best container variety due to its short stature.

This high-yielding, compact citrus grows well in containers in temperate and warm weather, with ample sunlight, moist, well-draining soil, and regular fertilization. Check out our guide for more details on it!

2. Calamondin Orange

Indoor fruit As a Houseplant 3

Botanical Name: Citrofortunella microcarpa

Another Chinese native, this easy-to-care citrus fruit is a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. But this compact fruit isn’t all sweet. Leaning mostly towards a face-scrunching sour, calamondin oranges are used in marmalades, jams, and citrussy flavoring agents.

To grow these oranges in your home, opt for a standard sized pot with well-draining soil, and keep it in a sun room or porch to grow these fragrant fruits.

3. AvocadoAmazing Fruits You Can Grow Indoors

Botanical Name: Persea americana

This superfood grows well indoors, even without the right conditions! Avocados can be propagated from seeds, but if you want quick results, opt for a healthy plant from a nursery.

A south-facing window and well-draining growing medium are a must! And remember to plant it in a container that is just one or two sizes bigger than the rootball to avoid overwatering.

4. Dwarf Banana

Indoor fruit As a Houseplant 45

Botanical Name: Musa acuminata ‘Dwarf Cavendish’

Yes, you can grow bananas indoors! With a relatively short stalk, this variety is easy to manage indoors. It may bear fruits if placed in a large enough container with full, direct sunlight, but even if it won’t, it can instantly give your home a tropical makeover, so try growing it and here is our guide to help.

5. Apricot

Fruits You Can Grow Indoors 3

Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca

Apricot trees produce mildly floral pink and white blooms in spring and are adorned with their peachy pink fruits about half a year later. ‘Moorpark’ and ‘Goldcot’ are excellent varieties for containers.

Place the pot where it receives six to eight hours of direct light and water consistently, like a sunny balcony or a windowsill. Even if you won’t provide it sunlight, it will continue to grow but may not grow fruits. Here’s all you need to know about growing apricot in pots

6. MulberriesAwesome Indoor fruit As a Houseplant

Botanical Name: Morus nigra ‘Dwarf Everbearing’

Despite being a dwarf variety, this one grows quickly like other mulberry cultivars but is easily manageable and can be reduced to 6 feet in pot with regular pruning. Choose a sunny spot by your windowsill, and give its large leaves enough space to expand for best growth. You can check out our article on growing mulberry in containers, too!

7. StrawberriesLovely Fruits You Can Grow Indoors

Botanical Name: Fragaria x ananassa

Strawberry plants look as magical as their fruits! With the right care, this little plant can be coaxed into bearing sweet, juicy fruits, dangling from baskets, or popping out of a window box from your room’s window. If pressed for space, you can even grow them hydroponically or indoors!

8. Pineapple

Healthy Indoor fruit grow As a Houseplant

Botanical Name: Ananas comosus

Next time you buy a pineapple, remove its crown and place it in water to grow new roots. And voila! You’re now ready to have a renewed harvest of this exotic fruit from inside your home. Your pineapple needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, plenty of water, and a rich, well-draining potting mix. Inspired? Read our guide to propagating pineapples at home. 

9. Goji BerriesAmazing Fruits You Can Grow Indoors 87

Botanical Name: Lycium barbarum

This vitamin-rich tarty Asian “superfruit” grows well indoors with abundant sunlight and good drainage. This drought-tolerant shrub produces sweet, pepper-shaped flaming red fruits about 2-3 years after planting. It doesn’t like getting too wet, though! Place them in a room with big windows or a balcony.

10. Kumquat

Amazing Indoor fruit As a Houseplant 32

Botanical Name: Citrus japonica

Its dark, olive-green leaves, which appear as a mound on top of a tall stem, are studded with bright orange fruits—a sight to behold! As per Feng shui, it is ideal to place them at the entrance of your home, as long as it gets enough light. To make the plant bushy and sturdy, pinch off the tips while it is young. If you’re interested, go ahead and grow Kumquat right at home!

11. Coffee Tree

Fruits You Can Grow Indoors

Botanical Name: Coffea arabica

This one’s for the real caffeine connoisseurs! With glossy green leaves, fragrant jasmine-like blooms, and clusters of red berries, the coffee plant is an exquisite indoor addition. These plants enjoy diffused sunlight, consistent warmth, humidity, and water to thrive.

12. Olive Tree

Fantastic Indoor fruit As a Houseplant 98

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

With ample sunlight, your indoor olive tree will reward you with stunning sage-colored foliage that is easy to care for. Its cherished fruits may appear gradually, but really, just start growing and loving the olive tree for its picture-perfect form!

You Can Also Take a Glance at These Images of Indoor Fruit Trees for Inspiration

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