21 Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony, Rooftop & Patio

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13. Cranberry

Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony 7

Botanical Name: Vaccinium subg. Oxycoccus

Height/Spread: 1-4/1-2 feet

Cranberry can be grown on your balcony if you have got the right climate for it.

Growing Tips

To grow cranberries at home, you’ll need very acidic soil and a cool temperate climate.

14. Pineapple

Botanical Name: Ananas comosus

Height/Spread: 3-4/4-5 feet

Witnessing this tropical delight growing is an experience you can have on your balcony or rooftop. Not just that, you can also grow it as a houseplant!

15. Cucamelon

Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony 8

Botanical Name: Melothria scabra

Height/Spread: 8-10/2-4 feet

Cucamelons are a great option for patio and terrace gardens, and growing them is truly rewarding, thanks to the fresh cucumber taste with a hint of lime.

Check out our article on growing cucamelons in pots here

16. Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus avium

Height/Spread: 4-6/2-4 feet

Beautiful blossoms and a lot of fruits are what cherry comes with. It can grow happily on your sunny balcony. Go for Lapins and Stella varieties for container growing.

Growing Tips

USDA Zones 5-8 are appropriate for this fruit plant.

17. Pomegranate

Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony 9

Botanical Name: Punica granatum

Height/Spread: 6-8/3-5 feet

With or without fruits, the pomegranate shrub is a very ornamental plant to look at. It’s less demanding and very adaptable to container culture.

This article will guide you for growing pomegranates in containers

18. Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus carica

Height/Spread: 6-8/3-5 feet

A fig tree can be grown for its decorative foliage, and it fruits heavily as well.

Growing Tips

Figs grow best in a warm climate, but you can also grow them in colder regions with some protective measures in winter.

19. Olive

Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony 10

Botanical Name: Olea europaea

Height/Spread: 3-8/3-5 feet

Olive trees are known for their decorative touch. You can have one on your deck, too, if you can provide the Mediterranean climate as they prefer mild winters.

Here’s everything you need to know about growing olives in containers

20. Papaya

Botanical Name: Carica papaya

Height/Spread: 3-8/2-4 feet

Easy to grow and productive–papaya trees can be grown in pots. Because they originated in South America, they prefer a warm and frost-free climate.

Here is everything you need to know about growing papaya

21. Gooseberry

Fruits You Can Grow in Balcony 11

Botanical Name: Ribes uva-crispa

Height/Spread: 4-6/3-5 feet

Gooseberries aren’t too fussy about growing as long as you have a sunny balcony. A plentiful harvest is guaranteed!

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