4 Surprising Fruits with Seeds on the Outside

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Discover the names of amazing fruits with seeds on the outside and realize how extraordinary they are. Plus, it will also help you understand how to propagate them.

Most fruits have seeds lodged deep within their fleshy innards. But Mother Nature loves her exceptions! Read on to learn about those peculiar fruits that appear to have seeds on the outside.

What is a Fruit?

In scientific terms, a fruit is born when a flower is pollinated. The flower’s ovaries expand to form the fruit, which encases one or multiple seeds.

So, with that revelation, a fruit that does not have a seed within cannot be termed one, but this article will provide so-called fruits with seeds placed in a most unorthodox fashion.

Fruits with Seeds on the Outside

1. StrawberryFruits that have Seeds Outside

Botanical Name: Fragaria × ananassa

Strawberry is recognized as the only popular fruit that technically has seeds on the outside. But in reality, the bulbous, fleshy structure that is categorized as a fruit is not a fruit at all but a swollen receptacle tissue.

The “seeds” are actually the individual fruits, which each contain a single true seed. As strange as this sounds, in biological terms, the above statement is true.

A calculated guess suggests that the plant evolved over millions of years to develop this trait to help it propagate. This textured outer covering may help attract animals that would then spread its seeds.

2. CashewsFruits with Outside Seeds 34

Botanical Name: Anacardium occidentale

Cashews have their revered seed placed on top of their pepper-shaped fleshy fruit, known as a cashew apple. Each fruit that may grow to the size of a pear contains only one seed, contributing to the expensive price tag of a bag of cashews.

If you do choose to bite into its flesh, a super sweet and tangy taste will overwhelm you, unlike the creamy, nutty flavor of its seed. And do you know that these seeds or cashew nuts can be grown in your garden as well?

3. Ackee

Fruits that have Seeds Outside 34
Shutterstock/Judith R.S

Botanical Name: Blighia sapida Konig

This West African cousin of lychee truly has a weird structure. For as long as it hasn’t matured, it remains closed and looks like any other regular fruit. But once ripened, it splits open to show off 3 shiny, deep black seeds that are partly surrounded by soft, creamy, spongy flesh in white and yellow.

The size of the seeds and the opening up of the fruit confuse many into thinking that the seeds remain out of the fruit rather than within.

4. Mock Strawberry

Botanical Name: Duchesnea indica

We started the list with a strawberry; why not end it with a strawberry imposter? This plant may have berries that look like strawberries (hence the name), but it is a completely different plant.

If you look carefully on the outside, you will spot multiple seeds (up to 50) attached to its outer covering. The fruit is edible but has no significant flavor or taste, making it bland.

This plant originated in India and was introduced to the USA later as an ornamental. However, its cultivation is frowned upon as it is very invasive in nature.

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