10 Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance

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Here are the best Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance and enjoy the trailing view of the foliage with a scent to match!

We have some beautiful Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance that can add a lot of appeal to the rooms with a pleasing aroma!

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Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance

One thing to note while growing flowering vines on this list is the sunlight. If you want the flowers to bloom abundantly, make sure the plant receives 2-3 hours of direct light every day. Training them on a south-facing window will be the best bet!

1. Madagascar Jasmine

Botanical Name: Stephanotis floribunda

This slow-growing vine showcases starry white blooms with a waxy texture and releases an appealing floral fragrance. Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.

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2. Hindu Rope Plant

Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance 3

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

The green waxy leaves, with a cluster of umbrella-shaped blooms, are popular for their sweet vanilla to fresh citrusy fragrance. It does well in humid conditions.

3. White Jasmine


Botanical Name: Jasminum polyanthum

Popular for its mind-blowing fragrance, this beautiful vine prefers a sunny spot in your home. You can train it beautifully on a well-lit window.

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4. Sampaguita

Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance 4

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

This shrubby vine produces soft, pure-white aromatic flowers all year round. It prefers sunny locations and evenly moist soil. Go for its climbing version.

5. Betel Leaf Plant


Botanical Name: Piper betel

This fragrant vine from the pepper family has many culinary and medicinal uses. The waxy green, heart-shaped leaves emit a cool peppery scent when crushed.

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6. Passion Flower

Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance 5

Botanical Name: Passiflora incarnata

This tropical vine is quite easy to care for and looks magnificent with fragrant flowering vines that make a lovely tropical setting. Grow it in a room with a balcony so that the plant can get bright sunlight.

7. Princess of the Night


Botanical Name: Selenicereus pteranthus

This cactus is a perennial leafless epiphyte that blooms fragrant, trumpet-shaped white or pale cream flowers in the night!

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8. Garlic Creeper

Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance 6

Botanical Name: Mansoa alliacea

If you want glorious tri-color fragrant blooms in your room, then grow this plant near a south-facing window. It gives out a garlic-like scent when parts of it are crushed.

9. Poet’s Jasmine


Botanical Name: Jasminum officinale

A true jasmine, it offers an intoxicating fragrance! The plant needs a lot of sunlight, so a south window of your room will be a great spot so that it grows plenty of beautiful starry, pure-white flowers.

10. Ylang Ylang Vine

Indoor Vines You Can Grow for Fragrance

Botanical Name: Artabotrys hexapetalus

This fragrant plant starts to vine after it grows 4-5 feet in height. It is also famous as the Juicy fruit vine because its blooms smell like bubble gum!

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