30 Diagrams to Make You Master in Growing Roses

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Whether you are a rosarian, a beginner or a serial rose killer, you will love these interesting, informative and fun illustrations that will teach you everything you need to know about growing roses.

Whether you are a rosarian, a beginner or a serial rose killer, you will love these interesting, informative and fun illustrations that will teach you everything you need to know about growing roses.

1. See below in the illustration, the basics of growing and planting roses.

The basics of growing and planting roses. More amazing info in this post. 2. Starting to grow roses? Figure out how to do this step by step in this flowchart



3. Complete Rose Maintenance: In this chart (1 – 11), you can see how you need to treat your rose bush.

Complete rose plant maintenance infographic. More amazing info in this post.


4. What are the easiest rose varieties? You might have known but the chart given here can be useful for you.
What are the easiest rose varieties? You might have known but the chart given here can be useful for you. More amazing info in this post.5. What are the Best Companions for Roses? Take help of this chart. You can save or share it for later use.
What are the Best Companions for Roses? Take help of this chart. Must repin.


6. Though all roses are closely related to one another, there are still some determining characteristics for each. It’s easy to find a type that suits your needs, just follow this handy chart on approximate rose height.



Rose Varieties


7. Look through this chart to find out perfect rose varieties you can pick according to color.

Rose varieties according to color.


8. Hybrid teas produce the showiest blooms. Below are some Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties

Best hybrid tea rose varieties.

9. Autumn Roses
Autumn Roses. More amazing info in this post.

The illustrations given below are facilitative. Various Rose Propagation Methods.


10. Rose Propagation by Air Layering

Infographic : How to propagate rose by air layering. More amazing info in this post.

11. Starting Rose Bush from Cutting

Image Credit: Fredgonsowskigardenhome


12. Propagating Roses in Potatoes



13. Rooting Roses in Plastic Bottle



14. Another Diagram on Propagating Roses in Potatoes (covered with glass jar)


Planting Roses


15. Planting bare root roses? Find out how to do it in this handy chart

Image Credit: Jacksonandperkins


16. Planting Roses from container or nursery pot into the ground

Image Credit: Gardencenterohio


These three excellent illustrations will teach you the proper way of Pruning Roses


17. Pruning Roses

pruning roses_mini


18. Pruning Roses



19. Pruning Roses



Rose Grafting is an important technique, and if you face problem in grafting roses, these diagrams might help you.


20. Rose Grafting



21. Rose Grafting



Roses are heavy feeders and fertilizing them is an important task.


22. Epsom Salt for Roses

epsom salf for roses_mini

23. Using Banana Peel to Fertilize Roses

banana peel as rose fertilizer_mini


24. Let’s meet with the pests and diseases that affect the rose plant in the chart given below. This will help you in identifying them.



25. Make an organic rose fungus killer with the help of this recipe. All the products used are common in any home.

rose fungus killer_mini

26. Identify rose nutrient deficiency symptoms using this chart



27. Now a tip: Growing roses? Plant garlic near them.



28. Add coffee grounds in the soil for growing roses, you can also opt for used tea grounds, tea bags or leaves.



29. Want to grow bigger roses? Disbudding of roses is done to produce bigger and better-colored blooms. It is achieved by placing the undesirable bud between the index finger and thumb and pinching it off.

horti_flower crops_cut rose_clip_image010


30. Rainbow Roses are the multi-colored roses. Did you know you can Make you own Rainbow Rose using a white rose and food coloring? Check out this simple illustration to learn how to make it.

Image Credit: Hubpages

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  1. On “foliage plants to put with roses,” the hosta requires low light–that is, shade. As roses require a lot of sun this would NOT be a good companion plant. Also wisteria have a tendency to cover everything they can, so put them a good distance away from your lovely roses.

  2. I love roses, I am a beginner in this issue. 3 Months ago I bought 4 plants from a convenient store, as weather was cold keep them inside for almost 3 weeks they looked healthy and growing up then plant them in the yard. After the 2nd day they start to shrivel up, the leaves are falling. Does any one have any idea whats happening, or whats wrong?.

  3. I really much appreciate the information provided on this page so that we Rose lovers and carer could make our houses and surrounding more beautiful and inviting.


  4. We love the mulit-color pastels and the soft petals that match the softness of the tone. It makes us happy to look at and that is the point. Unless you are planting an apothecary garden (in which case you don’t want hybrids) roses are an ornamental flower, they should make you happy.


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