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Edible Balcony Gardens that Prove Growing Your Food is Possible

Utilize the unused space of your apartment by growing vegetables and herbs of your choice–Take inspiration from these Edible Balcony Gardens!

If you live in an apartment and want to relish an organic, homegrown harvest in your house, then growing vegetables on the balcony makes a lot of sense.

Here’s everything you need to know about making a balcony vegetable garden

Pictures of Edible Balcony Gardens

1. Condo Balcony Vegetable Garden for Growing Salads

Edible Balcony Gardens

2. Tomatoes in Pots

3. Container Vegetables in Balcony

Edible Balcony Gardens 2

4. Herbs in Pots

5. Beans in Balcony

Edible Balcony Gardens 3

6. Tomatoes with Trellis Using Windowboxes as Containers

7. Growing Peas in Container

Edible Balcony Gardens 4

8. Vegetables in Mini Greenhouse with Containers


9. Vertical Herb Garden in Balcony

Edible Balcony Gardens 5

10. Tomatoes in Multiple Pots

11. Mini Veggie Garden

Edible Balcony Gardens 6

12. Hanging Used Ammunition Boxes for Herbs and Vegetables

13. Mini Herb Garden

14. Bell Peppers in Windowboxes Tied With Chains on Railing

Edible Balcony Gardens 7

15. Mini Vegetable Farm on a Rooftop

16. Vegetables in Hanging Container

Edible Balcony Gardens 8

17. Lemons in a Balcony

liquid studios/shutterstock

18. A Chili Garden

Edible Balcony Gardens 9
Alex Dmr/Shutterstock

19. Vegetables in Hanging Grow Bags

20. Strawberries in Railing Planters

Edible Balcony Gardens 10

21. Different Vegetables in Grow Bags


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  1. Can you please tell which are the good seeds to grow for home garden organic or hybrid I’m really confused between of them


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