Do Deer Eat Succulents? Find Out!

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Do Deer Eat Succulents or they stick to munching on regular greens? If you are confused, well, we’ll clear it out for you!

Do Deer Eat Succulents

If you are seeing a deer like the above picture, having a tempting look at the succulents that you have grown in your garden, then keep reading my friend!

What Do Deer Eat?

Deer absolutely love to devour hostas, daylilies, azaleas, English ivy, and rhododendrons. So, if you have them in your un-fenced yard, be careful!

These animals also have a huge stomach for greens like lettuce, beans, sweet potatoes, and peas. Apples, berries, cherries, and plums are also something they love to snack on as sweet-dishes!

Do Deer Eat Succulents?

So, coming to the main topic, do deer prefer succulents? While these plants are typically not their first choice, but they have been known to nibble on to them, especially when other food is scarce.

Deer prefer tender ones like jade plants or string-of-pearls, because they’re easy to chew. However, there are certain varieties, such as sedums and sempervivums, that are more deer-resistant due to their tough, bitter-tasting leaves or spiky textures.

So, the bottom line –  deer might snack on some succulents, but they’re not their go-to meal.

How to Protect Succulent Gardens from Deer Attack?

do Deer Eat Succulents 2

Gardeners in deer-prone areas should take proactive measures to protect their plants, such as:

  • Install physical barriers: Fencing around the garden is one of the most reliable methods to keep deer away. Make sure it is tall enough to prevent them from jumping over. A mesh or netting can also be equally effective.
  • Use deer-resistant plants: Growing some deer-resistant plants around succulents can deter them from exploring the garden. Also, this adds diversity to your space.
  • Grow strong-scented plants: Deer dislike scents of lavender, rosemary, or garlic. Try growing such plants to keep them at bay. Along, consider using deer-repellent sprays that emit foul odors, which keeps them away from entering the area.
  • Plant thorny or prickly plants: Placing thorny plants, such as holly or barberry, around the garden creates a physical barrier that deer will walk away from. These plants not only provide protection but also are visually aesthetic.

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