How to Make a Succulent Crown + DIY Flower Crown Ideas

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Do you want to wear a succulent crown instead of a floral one? Make your own with DIY Succulent Crown in 10 Easy Steps!

A DIY Succulent Crown is a unique way to make your day special. And the best part is you can propagate the succulent leaves you picked after using it! Check out the easy steps in which you can do it!

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DIY Succulent Crown in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to know how to make a succulent crown, then the good news is that there are only a handful of steps that you have to follow to end up with something that you can proudly wear. 

Step 1: Measure Your Head


To make the DIY Succulent Crown, first, take the perfect measurement to make it sit comfortably on your head. Get tape, measure, and wrap it around your head just where you want it to sit, and then use that measurement for the wire.

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Step 2: Create Your Base Circle


Now that you have taken your measurement for your head, it is important that you go ahead and create the base circle for the crown of the DIY Succulent Crown.

For this, take your floral wire, and if you want to be certain, we recommend going a double way, as this will make the crown far sturdier than it would otherwise be.

You should also double-check your measurements and then also try the base circle for its fit before you go any further.

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Step 3: Get Your Cuttings Prepared


At this point, you should turn your attention to the cuttings that you are going to use on the crown, and this is where you can get creative if you want to.

Take the cuttings from the plant, and remove any excess soil. You want the cuttings on your succulent crown to be pristine, so only select the best ones to ensure you make the best DIY Succulent Crown.

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Step 4: Combine Thin Wire and Stem


Next, you need to take the thin floral wire that you have already put to one side and wrap it around the stems of the cuttings. Ensure the wire is tight around the stem, as this will give it some added stability and make DIY Succulent Crown less likely to fall off.

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Step 5: Decide Which Plant is First on the Crown


There is no set rule as to what can become the focal point of the crown of DIY Succulent Crown, and several people do not even believe in doing this in the first place.

It is important that you look at what you are going to use on your crown, see if anything jumps out at you and then start creating a plan around that one cutting. Remember, you can easily change your mind if things are poorly planned.

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Step 6: Plan Out the Rest of the Arrangement


It is very important that you lay everything out and then stand back and see if the pieces just work together because you may find that certain cuttings need to be placed apart due to them being too similar.

There is no set design, so this is often a case of trial and error to see what works well for the DIY Succulent Crown.

Step 7: Fill the Arrangement with the Cuttings


Once you are quite content with the plan for the arrangement, you have the rather arduous task of adding them to the circle. This will take some time, depending on how full you want the DIY Succulent Crown to look.

Also, you are advised to start with the larger cuttings and attach those before you, then use the smaller parts as fillers so you are left with no spaces that at least stand out from the crowd.

Keep stopping and standing back to see how it is looking because it is never too late to make some changes to the arrangement.

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Step 8: Trim Your Wreath


After all of the cuttings have been added to the circle, it is then time for you to look at the trimmings of the DIY Succulent Crown to make things tidier than they were before. To trim them, you simply need gardening scissors and take your time to work around the crown just to crop those cuttings that are too long and spoil the look of the rest of the crown.

Step 9: Consider Adding Some More Decor


With this, the only real limitations will be your mind and things that can be attached to the wire crown itself. So, what kind of décor are we talking about? Well, anything linked to nature, like parts of other plants, twigs covered in glitter, or painted.

Remember not to use some kind of décor that will die off quickly, or it can destroy the entire look of the crown.

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Step 10: Just Enjoy the Crown


The final step is the easiest; just enjoy wearing your succulent crown and enjoy the fact that you have worked so hard on something, and now the job is complete.

So there you have it, the ten important steps that you should be looking to follow when you wish to create your very own succulent crown. As you can see, there is nothing that is going to be too difficult, and as long as you have enough succulents to complete the job, then you should not run into any problems.

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