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DIY Succulent Crown In 10 Easy Steps

This DIY succulent crown is UNIQUE, making it is EASY and wearing it can make your special day more SPECIAL. And the best part is you can propagate the succulent leaves you picked after using it!

Flower crown, we all know about it, you might’ve worn it too. But have you ever thought about a succulent crown?

If you want to know how to make a succulent crown, then the good news is that there are only a handful of steps that you have to follow to end up with something that you can proudly wear. Now, you do not even need to be experienced at this or even be that good at crafts, but as long as you can follow the easy steps then there is no reason why you cannot end up with that crown in a short period.

So, these are the steps that you need to follow to make your DIY succulent crown.

Step 1: Measure Your Head


The first step is to measure your head because this is going to tell you how big the crown has to be and it lets you get to work on creating the base that you are then going to build on. It would be better if you can take someone’s help for a perfect measurement or else do it yourself alone but remember, the wrong measurement is going to result in it being either too big or small and you want neither to happen. It should be capable of sitting quite comfortably on your head without being too restrictive or, at the same time, sliding down to annoy you. Get a tape, measure and wrap it around your head just where you want it to sit and then use that measurement for the wire.

Step 2: Create Your Base Circle


Now that you have taken your measurement for your head it is important that you then go ahead and create the base circle for the crown. For this, take your floral wire, and if you want to be certain then we recommend doing it double as this will make the crown far sturdier than it would otherwise be.

You should also check and double check you measurements and then also try the base circle for its fit before you go any further. You need to remember that everything else connected to the crown comes from this point so get anything wrong here and it has a knock-on effect on the potential success of the crown which is something that you apparently do not want to happen.

Step 3: Get Your Cuttings Prepared


At this point, you should turn your attention to the cuttings that you are going to use on the crown and this is where you are able to get really creative if you want to. However, you should also look at removing the cuttings from the plant or soil, removing any excess soil and then spend time looking over the cuttings so you can snip off any leaves that are either dead or have disease on them. You want your cuttings on your succulent crown to be in pristine condition so only select the best ones.

It is also a good idea to have a wide selection of cuttings from various plants as this is what is going to make the crown far more interesting. It can be easier for you in the long term to only select the best cuttings as it will then result in the crown looking more appealing for a longer period of time. Cutting corners here will only lead to you ending up rather disappointed with the end result especially when it starts to die back.

Step 4: Combine the Thin Wire and the Stem


Next, you need to take the thin floral wire that you have already put to one side and start to wrap it around the stems of the cuttings. This is going to be the way in which the cutting is able to be added to the crown although there is still some work to be done before you get to the stage where the crown is finished. Make sure that the wire is tight around the stem as this is going to give it some added stability and make it less likely that it will then go and fall off the crown at any time soon.

It is clearly going to be important that the thin wire is firmly attached to the stem or else your crown can easily start to fall apart. However, it is also key that you only ever use the thin wire with this especially with the number of cuttings that you are going to be adding to the average crown as the thicker wire will make things far too crowded resulting in it becoming pretty much impossible to add everything.

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Step 5: Decide Which Plant is First on the Crown


After you have added the thin wire to all of the stems, you then have an important decision to make. Are you just going to put them down in any order or do you think that it is best to have one cutting that is then going to form a focal point for the crown? This is where your creativity is able to really play a role so look at your options, think about one piece that is able to really stand out and then decide if it does deserve pride of place in your succulent crown. If so, add it and then look at working out from that point.

There is no set rule as to what can become the focal point on the crown and indeed a number of people do not even believe in doing this in the first place. It is important that you look at what you are going to use on your crown, see if anything jumps out at you and then start creating a plan around that one cutting. Remember, you can easily change your mind if things are not quite working out as you had planned.

Step 6: Plan Out the Rest of the Arrangement


No matter the decision that you have just made with the previous point, it is still important that you go ahead and plan out the rest of the arrangement before you start to attach all of the different cuttings. Now, this arrangement is going to be very personal to you but it is very important that you lay everything out and then stand back and see if the pieces just work together because you may find that certain cuttings need to be placed apart due to them being too similar for example.

There is absolutely no set design so this is often a case of trial and error to see what works well and the cuttings that look horrible. However, it is certainly easier for you to plan it out in advance and before you start to attach things because undoing the ties with the wire is never going to be that easy for you to do. Be prepared to spend a substantial period of time on this part but it will be worth it in the end when you see the finished result.

Step 7: Fill the Arrangement with the Cuttings


Once you are quite content with the plan for the arrangement, you then have the rather arduous task of starting to add them to the circle and this is going to take some time depending on how full you want it to look. Also, you are advised to start with the larger cuttings and attach those before you then use the smaller parts as fillers so you are then left with no spaces that at least stand out from the crowd. Keep stopping and standing back to see how it is looking because it is never too late to make some changes to the arrangement if things are just not coming across as looking as smooth as they should be.

You must be aware that it takes a substantial number of succulent cuttings to fill the crown. Take your time with attaching them but be aware that it can become rather tricky at points since you then start to attach them to one another due to the inability to find enough room within the crown itself.

Step 8: Trim Your Wreath


After all of the cuttings have been added to the circle it is then time for you to look at trimming it to make things tidier than they were before. This is important because it stands to reason that you will have various cuttings that are longer than others so they will be standing out from the crown and the entire thing will just look messy. To trim them, you simply need gardening scissors and take your time to work around the crown to just crop those cuttings that are too long and spoiling the look of the rest of the crown.

However, we are not talking about you making everything neat and perfect as there has to be some variation in the length and it would look terrible if the crown was flat. There has to be some depth to it, so in this instance we are really talking about just cutting off those parts that are substantially longer, but you do not want to alter the overall appearance or the crown is going to lose a lot of its appeal.

Step 9: Consider Some Additional Decor


There is the option of doing more to your crown than just having succulent cuttings on it as adding some additional décor is also something that you might want to think about doing. With this, the only real limitations will be your mind and also things that can actually be attached to the wire crown itself.

So, what kind of décor are we talking about? Well, anything that is linked to nature so parts of other plants, twigs covered in glitter or painted in some way. The main thing is that you do not want some kind of décor that is going to die off quickly or it can destroy the entire look of the crown.

Step 10: Just Enjoy the Crown


The final step is the easiest one of all, just enjoy wearing your succulent crown and enjoy the fact that you have worked so hard on something and now the job is complete. Of course, how long it lasts before it potentially has to be repaired is going to depend on the quality of the succulents and how you handle it, but if you have attached them well then there is no reason why you will not be able to enjoy your crown for quite some time to come.

So there you have it, the ten important steps that you should be looking to follow when you wish to create your very own succulent crown. As you can see, there is nothing that is actually going to be too difficult and as long as you have enough succulents to complete the job then you should really not run into any problems.

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This DIY succulent crown is UNIQUE, making it is EASY and wearing it can make your special day more SPECIAL. And the best part is you can propagate the succulent leaves you picked after using it!

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