16 DIY Seed Storage & Organization Ideas

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Are you left with seeds from your garden? Don’t worry! Here are some cool DIY Seed Storage Ideas that you can use to store them!

These DIY Seed Storage Ideas are handy and will give you an idea of using household items to store them effectively!

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Tips on Keeping Seed Storage Boxes Moisture-Free

  • Use a vacuum sealer machine to vacuum seal seeds.
  • Add packets of silica gel.
  • When storing in plastic bags, allow all the excess air out before sealing.
  • Let the seeds dry in direct sunlight for 2-4 hours before storing.
  • Store the seeds in a dark and dry spot.

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DIY Seed Storage Ideas

1. Shoe Organizer Seed Storage

DIY Seed Storage Ideas

Use an empty shoe organizer to store your seeds effectively if you have a particular variety in large quantity. You can also make sections with cardboard and store different types in each section.

2. Cassette/CD Case

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 2

An old 8-rack suitcase that can hold envelopes filled with seeds can create a creative space for seed storage.

A case to store old cassette tapes can work for the same purpose.

3. Photo Album Seed Storage

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 4

An old photo album is an excellent choice for storing seeds. As it has individual sections, you can store multiple packets and mark them.

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4. Filing Cabinet

The shelves in a filing cabinet can be the perfect place to store seeds when you have them in larger quantities. Label them up for sorting them out later.

5. Old Trunks or Tool Box

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 8

The bonus point for making your storage box is that you can customize it according to your own needs with stickers, colors, and labels.

6. Wooden Box

Use a wooden box to store seeds. You can use foam to make sections too! Once done, it can be kept anywhere.

7. Pillbox

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 10

A pillbox with compartments can be an excellent choice to keep and label your seeds carefully. Do not forget to tag the seeds carefully.

8. Plastic Cases

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 11

Plastic cases like that of a CD or other ones are cheap, and you can use them to store the seeds neatly. Get the small ones and label them accordingly.

9. Plastic Boxes


If you have clean, empty plastic bags or baskets, you can turn them into functional seed storage space. Stack and store them neatly anywhere in the house.

10 Mason Jars

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 12

Use mason jars to keep all the seed packets organized. It will be airtight, and you can even include Silica packets if you want.

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11. Jewellery Box Seed Storage


A Wooden or plastic jewelry box is an ideal candidate to store seeds. It is an eye-catching way to keep them organized!

12. Clear Pocket Wall hanger

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 13

These ready-made wall hangers take less space, and you can store seeds in their individual sections. Hang them behind a door or wall to save space.

13. Mini Aluminum or Glass Storage Jars

Mini aluminum or glass storage jars are perfect if you don’t have many seeds to store. You can label them individually.

14. Vials

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 14

Vials are a great option for storing seeds you have collected from the garden. Paste stickers on them with the seed’s name and store them in drawers.

15. Recipe box

A cute little recipe box can be a wonderful idea to store seeds. You can keep it in your kitchen cabinet with ease.

16. Seed Binder

DIY Seed Storage Ideas 20

Making a seed binder is the best way to store seeds in a personalized manner. Here’s a great DIY you can check out!

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