5 DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas

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Check out some amazing DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas that will help you grow this flavorful salad essential in tight spaces!

Have a look at these amazing DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas that will let you grow this salad in small spaces! If you live in an apartment, this will be a boon for you!

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DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas

1. Moss Lettuce BasketDIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas

Not only this looks amazing, but it will also give you a fresh supply for your salad plate! Details are here.

2. Lettuce Ball

Keep your lettuce up high and away from hungry deer and rabbits by growing it in a moss ball. Click here for details.

3. Grow a Lettuce Sphere

DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas 2

This simple sphere technique will save you a lot of space and you can enjoy a fresh harvest! Watch the video here.

4. Hanging Lettuce Planter

Make a salad ball out of coir-lined hanging planters to grow lettuce easily.

5. Beautiful and Nutritious Lettuce Globe

DIY Lettuce Globe Planter Ideas 3

These globes only take a couple of hours to make, and with these helpful tips, you’ll be on your way to fresh salads in no time!

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