11 Most Common Yellow Bugs on Plants

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These are the most Common Yellow Bugs on Plants that you must be aware of, as they can cause extensive damage. 

These common yellow bugs on plants may look cute, but they can cause serious damage if you do not get rid of them on time. However, some of these are beneficial, and we have called them out!

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Common Yellow Bugs on Plants

1. Yellow Ladybug

Yellow Bugs on Plants 1

Scientific Name: Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata

These yellow-bodied bugs primarily feed on mildew and fungal spores, making them valuable garden allies and your plant buddies!

2. Spotted Cucumber Beetle

Most Common Yellow Bugs on Plants

Scientific Name: Diabrotica undecimpunctata

This bug sports a bright yellow body with black spots on the wings. It is a common sight on the cucumber family plants – so if you are growing them, keep an eye out!

3. Yellow Striped Armyworm

Yellow Striped Armyworm on plant

Scientific Name: Spodoptera ornithogalli

This caterpillar has two yellow stripes on its back that stand out on its pure black body. They love to feed on a variety of vegetables and fruits.

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4. Elm Leaf Beetle

Elm Leaf Beetle on plant

Scientific Name: Xanthogaleruca luteola

Adult Elm Leaf Beetles are quite common in urban landscapes and are one of the major causes of defoliation and stress on the trees.

5. Fourteen-Spotted Lady Beetle

Yellow Bugs on Plants 5

Scientific Name: Propylea quatuordecimpunctata

Their yellow body has black spots that create many nice designs! They like to eat aphids and small insects, which makes them useful garden companions.

6. Oleander Aphid

Oleander Aphid on plant

Scientific Name: Aphis nerii

Oleander Aphids have bright yellow to orange bodies, and they are mainly found on Oleander plants. They usually form a group on the leaves or buds and suck the sap.

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7. Grapevine Beetle

Yellow Bugs on Plants

Scientific Name: Pelidnota punctata

While the Grapevine Beetle might appear orange under certain lighting, their main body color is a mix of yellow and pale orange.

8. Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar

Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar on plant leaf

Scientific Name: Colias spp.

If you spot these yellow beauties on your plants, then we advise you to keep them as they transform into some of the most beautiful butterflies!

9. Sunflower Beetle

Sunflower Beetle in plant

Scientific Name: Zygogramma exclamationis

These bugs have a pale yellow-white body with black bands all over.  Just like its name, it primarily targets sunflower plants, feeding on the leaves both in larval and adult stages.

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10. Figwort Sawfly

Figwort Sawfly eating leaf

Scientific Name: Tenthredo scrophulariae

It features distinct yellow stripes running down its abdomen – it looks like a wasp that feeds on plants and plays an important role in pollination.

11. Striped Cucumber Beetle

Yellow Bugs on Plants 11

Scientific Name: Acalymma vittatum

The Striped Cucumber Beetle’s bright yellow-orange color is a warning to predators, as they spit out a foul-smelling liquid – their defense mechanism.

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