11 Beautiful Calla Lily Arrangement Ideas in Garden

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If you’re running out of creative ways to display Zantedeschia, these Calla Lily Arrangement Ideas can give you a new perspective!

Calla lilies are gorgeous flowers that grow well in moderate climates; when planting them, striking a balance in growing conditions is very important. For example, if you live in a hot, frost-free climate, grow them in the shade; in a slightly warm climate, provide partial shade; and in cold regions, find a spot that receives part to full sun for best growth.

Now that you know where to plant them, let’s go ahead and learn how to plant them for maximum impact with our “calla lily garden ideas” post.

Calla Lily Arrangement Ideas

1. Make a Colorful Calla Lily Bed


You know what’s the best thing about creating a Calla Lily bed? You can make one full of different colors and the texture of foliage. Just pick a slightly shady spot and get busy creating a beautiful flower bed of arum lilies. You can also plant them with hostas and ferns for the best appearance.

2. Calla Lily Driveway Idea

Amazing Calla Lily Arrangement in garden

If you’ve got a huge driveway, we highly recommend lining it with Calla Lilies. Pick orange, yellow, and other warm ones–they’ll light up under the sunlight.

3. Grow them in a Raised Wicker Bed


There’s something about wicker beds and Calla Lilies that makes them seem like they’re straight out of a Disney movie.

4. Calla Lily Porch Arrangement

Calla Lily Arrangement

Some Calla Lilies, Caladiums, and floral pots are all you need to spruce up your porch space and turn it pretty.

5. A Garden Full of Calla Lilies

Super Calla Lily Arrangement idea

If you’ve got space, why not use it to its potential and fill the entire backyard and front lawn with Calla Lilies? This Calla Lily landscaping idea will look stunning!

Growing Tip: Calla lilies aren’t exactly like grass that you can blanket your whole lawn with. They grow from underground clumps called rhizomes. Make sure you leave 6-8 inches of space between each one.

6. Make Massive Calla Lily Planter Arrangements

Calla Lily Arrangement in pot

Step one–get a massive container. Step two–fill it with beautiful Calla Lilies. That’s pretty much it! You can also plant them with other plants, just like the container arrangement above, which contains creeping jenny, coleus, calla lily, and calibrachoa.

Note: Calla Lilies pack a tiny punch in the form of calcium oxalate crystals. These are basically like microscopic needles that hang out inside the plant. If you have existing breathing problems, it’s always better to avoid touching them with bare hands or being too close to them.

7. Grow Calla Lilies in a Rustic Container

Calla Lilies in a Tin Container

Who wouldn’t want to have a lovely potted Calla Lily on the porch table? All you need is a small galvanized pot to make the plant look even more interesting, and a bit of work for this one.

8. Calla Lily in a Goblet Pot

Calla Lily in Goblet Pot

If you want to create a centerpiece for your garden, grow Calla Lilies in a vintage urn or pot like this one. You won’t regret it!

9. Keep that on a Windowsill

Keep Calla Lily on a Windowsill

Why don’t you keep one of these on a windowsill and let it spread its beautiful foliage and flowers for everyone to see? Pick out an east-facing window that gets good morning sun; if you have a south-facing window, move it slightly backward or drop a sheer curtain or filtered sunlight.

10. Use it for a Tabletop

Use it for a Tabletop

Do you know what would make a lovely Calla Lily arrangement? Putting it on the table so you can admire it while you work. However, make sure not to keep it too dark as it is not a snake plant.

11. Plant Calla Lily Near a Pond

Calla Lily Arrangement ideas in garden

Calla lilies love moist soil, so if you have a pond or any other water body in your yard, you can plant them near it along with plants that grow in similar conditions.

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