15 Beautiful Blue Moths You May Spot in the Garden

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Blue Moths showcase the rich hue, making them the royal flutters in the insect kingdom! Here are the most stunning ones!

Blue moths are not just a mesmerizing sight in your backyard but a symbol of a thriving ecosystem.

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Beautiful Blue Moths

1. Griseldis Dagger Moth

Beautiful Blue Moths You May Spot in the Garden

Scientific  Name: Cyanopepla griseldis

These blue moths are native to central Mexico and have a vibrant appearance. Active at night, they are a key pollinator for night-blooming plants.

2. Blue Day Moth

Blue Day Moth
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Scientific  Name: Dysphania palmyra

It is a medium-sized diurnal moth with a stunning combination of various shades of blue on its wings. It favors flowers from the Asteraceae family.

3. Edwards’ Wasp Moth

Beautiful Blue Moths

Scientific  Name: Lymire edwardsii

This one is native to southern Florida, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Nocturnal and active at night, it feeds on flower nectar and rubber tree leaves.

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4. Nine-Spotted Moth

Beautiful Blue Moths in your garden

Scientific  Name: Amata phegea

It is quite a common sight in Europe, Asia, and North Africa. These blue moths have white spots on the wings with a distinctive faded orange band on the body.

5. Scylla Firetip

best Beautiful Blue Moths

Scientific  Name: Elbella scylla

Common in North America, Mexico, and Central America, the Scylla Firetip is a fast and agile flier, feeding on the nectar of various flowers.

6. Blue Margined Wasp

Lovely Beautiful Blue Moths

Scientific  Name: Pompelon marginata

Blue-margined Zygaenid is a beautiful diurnal moth native to Southeast Asia. It has a beautiful combination of black and blue on its wings.

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7. Jasmine Moth

amazing Beautiful Blue Moths

Scientific  Name: Palpita vitrealis

This moth has a shiny sky blue hue at the bottom of its wings that tones down to white towards its head.

8. Blue Underwing Moth

Beautiful Blue Moths in garden

Scientific Name: Catocala fraxini

This blue moth stands out with its vibrant hindwings. It can be found in various habitats, including forests, woodlands, and gardens.

9. Scarce Marble Blue

Beautiful Blue Moths

Scientific Name: Zygaena transalpine

This has to be the prettiest moth on this list, with a light blue shimmer on its wings with red-maroon spots. It primarily feeds on flower nectar.

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10. White Tipped CtenuchaLovely Blue Moths You Could See in the Garden

Scientific Name: Ctenucha virginica

The White-Tipped Ctenucha moth is found in western North America. It has a deep blue body with a combination of red-orange around the head.

11. Bad Wing Moth

Blue Moths You Could See in the Garden

Scientific Name: Dyspteris abortivaria

The Bad-wing Moth is common in woodlands and forests. Adults primarily feed on flower nectar, while the caterpillars consume the leaves of grape vines and Virginia creepers.

12. Faithful Beauty

best Lovely Blue Moths You Could See in the Garden

Scientific Name: Composia fidelissima

Faithful Beauty is common in various habitats, including woods, fields, and gardens. What makes it spectacular is the combination of black and blue with white spots on its wings!

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13. Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth

Blue Moths You Could See in the Garden

Scientific Name: Harrisina metallica

The Western Grapeleaf Skeletonizer Moth looks the most different from the rest – the color is so intense that it may appear almost black from a distance.

14. Polka-Dot Wasp Moth

Blue Moths You Could See

Scientific Name: Syntomeida epilais

The Polka-Dot Wasp Moth is a distinctive moth species in the Americas, thriving in diverse habitats such as gardens and meadows.

15. Blue Tiger Moth

Blue Moths

Scientific Name: Dysphania percota

Native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and Australia, these blue moths are most commonly found in forests and wooded areas.

16. Jucunda Moth

See the Gorgeous Blue Moths in the Garden

Scientific Name: Cyanopepla jucunda

The blue on the Jucunda Moth’s wings is created by how light interacts with the microstructures present on them. It contrasts beautifully with the red lines and spots!

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