19 Best Types of Calliandra Plant | Best Powder Puff Varieties

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Explore the most beautiful Best Types of Calliandra in our comprehensive guide and grow one of them in your garden today!

Looking to add some vibrant and eye-catching plants to your garden? Calliandra, with its striking pink or red flowers, is a fantastic choice. In this guide, we’ll explore the Best Types of Calliandra to help you choose the perfect one for your landscape.

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Best Types of Calliandra

1. Calliandra haematocephala

Best Types of Calliandra Plant

Commonly known as the Red powder puff is a small evergreen tree or shrub that originates from Bolivia. You can also grow it in the form of a bonsai, which makes it one of the Best Types of Calliandra.

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2. Calliandra calothyrsus

 Types of Calliandra Plant

Calliandra calothyrsus is a thornless, fast-growing shrub with small red-maroon flowers that pair really well with its dark green and dense foliage.

3. Calliandra californica

Best Types of Calliandra in garden

Baja Fairy Duster is a woody evergreen shrub with green bipinnately leaves that close at night. This plant produces showy clusters of red tufted flowers, which have semi-circular powder-puff stamens. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

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4. Calliandra angustifolia

lovely Types of Calliandra Plant

Bobinsana is a shrubby tree that is typically found growing near river banks and streams in the Amazon Basin. It has distinct pink to red powderpuff-like flowers.

5. Calliandra eriophylla

Best Types of Calliandra Plant

This diminutive shrub is a charming accent and filler plant that is perfect for desert gardens, attracting hummingbirds with its brilliant display of pink pincushion flowers. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

6. Calliandra harrisii

Best Types of Calliandra Plant for garden

Belonging to the family Fabaceae, Calliandra harrisii is a flowering plant species within the genus Calliandra. Grow it in a well draining growing medium for best blooms.

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7. Calliandra brevipes

Best Types of Calliandra Plant in garden

Native to South America, this distinct shrub differs significantly from the pink variation,. The flowers consist of striking powder puffs of erect stamens that display a white base and pink upper portion. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

8. Calliandra tweediei

The Best Calliandra Plant Types

This delicate, evergreen shrub or small tree can reach up to 8-12 feet long. Its bipinnate green leaves have a finely divided, feathery appearance, while its rounded clusters of small green or white flowers feature remarkably long, bright red stamens.

9. Calliandra tergemina

Best Calliandra Plant Types

Also popular as Dwarf powder, it features medium green leaves that have a velvety texture due to fine surface hairs and fold up at night. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

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10. Calliandra riparia

Top Calliandra Plant Varieties

This flowering plant species belongs to the Fabaceae family and the genus Calliandra. It is naturally found in Panama, Colombia, Guyana, and Venezuela.

11. Calliandra dysantha

Best Top Calliandra Plant Varieties

This flowering plant species Calliandra dysantha belongs to the Fabaceae family and the genus Calliandra. It is indigenous to Brazil and grows red-maroon flowers.

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12. Calliandra parvifolia

Top Calliandra Plant Varieties in pot

This species produces delicate, miniature leaves and boasts profuse blooming of pink-white powder puffs throughout most of the year. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

13. Calliandra houstoniana

lovely Top Calliandra Plant Varieties

Most parts of this large shrub are typically covered in hair, except for the upper surface of its leaves. The flowers grow in clusters, stalkless or almost stalkless blooms.

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14. Calliandra chilensis

Calliandra Plant Varieties

This is a small shrub with a peculiar appearance, featuring an abundance of small flowers with delicate, airy purple stamens. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

15. Calliandra purpurea

Top Calliandra Plant Varieties for garden

Calliandra purpurea is a dense shrub or small tree that typically reaches heights of up to 8-10 feet. This popular ornamental plant is prized for its striking blooms. It can also be trimmed and grown as a hedge.

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16. Calliandra guildingii

Top Calliandra Plant Varieties in yard

Calliandra guildingii is a leguminous tree species and is classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

17. Calliandra macrocalyx

Best Types of Calliandra

This species is indigenous to Central and Eastern Brazil, and it typically grows in the seasonally dry tropical biome. It can take the form of either a shrub or a tree.

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18. Calliandra humilis

Top Calliandra Plant Varieties

It produces eye-catching white stamens and many flowers that are arranged in rounded clusters and have long filamentous stamens. It is one of the Best Types of Calliandra you can grow.

19. Calliandra biflora

Top best Calliandra Plant Varieties

Calliandra biflora is an evergreen subshrub with alternate, bipinnate leaves with linear leaflets and smooth edges. It produces light purple-pink, five-pointed star-shaped flowers in clusters known as capituli.

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