The BEST Location to Grow a Jade Plant

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Want to know the best location to grow a jade plant where it thrives and spreads beautifully? We have a perfect spot for it!

The BEST Location to Grow a Jade Plant

Jade is one of the most resilient plants you can have in your collection. Though it doesn’t mind a bit of a neglect, it will surely appreacite a right placement where it can multiply in size!

The BEST Location to Grow a Jade Plant

The apt location for a jade is any place where it can get the right amount of sun and shade. However, the plant doesn’t mind a full day of sun exposure, it can be a bit of a problem if you live in a hot zone, where the afternoon heat can be too much for the plant to handle.

Let It Face the East!

Look at the above snap, and see how the plant is properly getting the sun! The picture also depicts the nature of the light jade loves to get—sun and shade!

Do you have a windowsill that faces the East? Perfect! That’s the spot where you need to keep the jade plant, if you are planning to grow it indoors.

Why this location works? For the fact that the plant gets direct morning sunlight, which is extremely important, as it is a succulent. This makes the leaves bigger and plump without taking the needed moisture off them.

East facing location also helps the plant to be safe from the harsh afternoon sun, while exposing it to the bright and indirect light all day long—a win situation for anyone who lives in a warm zone!

If you don’t have an east facing window, you can also keep the plant near a west, or south spot. Just ensure it is a few feet away, and use a curtain to filter the light, so that it doesn’t burn the foliage. Also, make sure the leaves are not touching the windowpane as it can get hot/cold, depending on the weather, and cause damage to the leaves. 

So, a kitchen windowsill, a balcony, or an open passage in the house that faces the east or any spot that gets bright and indirect light, is the perfect location for your jade plant and it will thank you sitting there, growing lush and green!

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