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Discover the Best Free Gardening Apps with the help of the below post and make gardening easier at your fingertips.

Many gardening apps are available for download in app stores but finding the Best Free Gardening Apps is like finding a needle from the haystack, that’s why we have checked some of the best apps that are free and worthy to download. Let’s take a look.

gardening apps

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

garden manager

garden manager app

Many gardeners forget to water plants, fertilizing or deadheading, as a result, the growth hampers. With this app, you will never miss any of this again and can keep track of everything, check your plant’s progress, make logs and create notes like what to sow and when to harvest.

Features: Set alarms, and reminders and write notes. Making lists related to your gardening works helps to find. nearby florists.

Download Garden Manager: Plant Alarm on Android


Just click a picture of an unknown plant, upload it, and the community behind this free tool will recognize the plant and answer all your queries as soon as possible.

Features: Get answers to all your queries by uploading a picture of an unknown plant.

Download Plantifier on IOS and  Android / The web-based version of Plantifier is here


This app has fantastic visual recognition software that identifies trees or plants from their leaves. You’ll love this app because of its descriptive text and beautiful high-resolution images. Apart from leaves, there are high-quality pictures of flowers, fruits, needles, cones, petioles, seeds, and bark.

Features: Analyzing leaves and providing similar information from the database. Quickly identify thousands of flowers, fruits, and trees.

Download LeafSnap Plant Identification on Android and iPhone

Homegrown with Bonnie Plants

Bonnie plants are a trusted provider of vegetables and herbs in the USA since 1918. This app is developed by them and contains information about more than 250 vegetables and herbs. With this app, you’ll be able to track the progress of your garden and how it performed last year or the year before that. You can also check weather reports, which will help you plan accordingly.

Features: Make notes, check current and predicted weather, save and share photos. Save your garden’s progress.

Download Homegrown with Bonnie Plants on iPhone and Android.


This app is designed for checking soil properties, developed for European countries. This app uses GPS for tracking your exact location and provides you with relevant data about the soil such as its depth, texture, pH, soil temperature, organic matter content, and dominant habitats.

Features: Soil map available for various European regions, uses phone’s GPS to track your location.

Download mySoil on iPhone and Android


This app will turn gardening into an easy and fun task. The community of more than 100,000+ people shares and receives information on this single platform. Also, data of more than 20,000+ plants is pre-fed on the encyclopedia of this app. With the help of this app, you can keep a record of all your plants in one place by cataloging the entire garden.

Features: Plant identification and garden management tools in one place. A vast community of users and experts to help you at every step.

Download GardenTags on iPhone and Android

From Seed to Spoon Gardening-Gardening App for Beginners

This app is developed by new gardeners contending to seek all the correct information for growing their first garden. It will train you to learn how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits with a garden planning guide.

The app evaluates germinating/harvest time according to planting dates, and also gives information about companion planting.

Features: Provide companion planting strategies for keeping pests away, as per health benefits filter plant lists.

Download From Seed to Spoon Gardening-Gardening App for Beginners on iPhone and Android


Lawn to Wildflower-Pollinator Habitat

This app is about how to transform your outdoor area into a pollinator-friendly wildflower environment. It assists you to understand the variety of plants and insects inherent to your region.

Features: The pollinator guide helps you in finding various pollinators with images and details. Helps in finding seeds for native wildflowers that encourage pollinator population.

Download Lawn to Wildflower-Pollinator Habitat on iPhone and Android

SunCalc- Sun Finder for Garden Planning

The best location according to the plant’s requirement is a crucial need, instead of mapping out from your window where the sun strikes in your yard or where shadows drop. Take the help of SunCalc, this tool assists you to understand the sun’s route throughout the sky.

The address you entered in the tool, settings can be changed of the calendar month and how much direct sunlight to anticipate in all seasons.

Features: Rapidly observe track of the sunrise, sunset, and sun peak. Demonstrate altitude, Azimut, and shadow length for every location, each time.

Download SunCalc on iPhone and Android

ISCAPE-Garden Design App

If you want to start a garden but are confused about where to start then install this free app and envision the project on your land. It aids you in finding vegetables, trees, plants, shrubs, water bodies, brick pavers, and fire pits.

Features: It helps in visualizing and designing. The project can be shared with your family or a landscape professional.

Download ISCAPE-Garden Design App on Apple and Android is coming soon

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