9 Best Free Gardening Apps

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Get ready to be a pro gardener with the Best Free Gardening Apps! Whether you're on Android or iOS, apps like Farm Your Yard, Plantix, and PlantTAGG make gardening easy peasy. Need plant identification or care advice? Try LeafSnap and Plant Identifier & Care - Greg. Download any of these apps, and you're all set for a blooming garden!

From plant identification to organizing your garden and much more. You only need these Best Free Gardening Apps, and you’re set!

Gardening is a fantastic hobby, and with technology on our side, it’s even easier to nurture your plants. Ready to become a pro gardener? We’ve compiled the best free gardening apps for both Android and Apple users!

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Top Free Gardening Apps for Android

1. Farm Your Yard: Gardening AppGardening Apps

The top choice for all things gardening is Farm Your Yard. This app will let you know when you should plant your favorite foliage and will also remind you when to harvest them. It also has care tips for each plant!

Download Farm Your Yard: Gardening App

2. Plantix – Your Crop Doctorfree Garden Apps

Plantix is another contender on our list with a user-friendly interface for simplicity. It’ll help you detect crop diseases and provide you with the correct farming knowledge on the go. If you’re stuck, you can also post a question on the in-app community page.

Download Plantix – Your Crop Doctor

3. Planter – Garden Planner

garden planning app

Have trouble planning and planting your plants? With Planter, you will get all the information at your fingertips. You can check each plant’s growing requirements, seek help from the growing calendar, and find out about companion and combative plants.

Download Planter – Garden Planner 

4. PlantTAGG – Smarter Gardening


Don’t know what to grow or where to start? Perhaps you started a plant but have no idea how to care for it. Struggling to find stuff online? Well, we’ve got you covered with PlantTAGG. It’ll make your gardening easy peasy.

Download PlantTAGG – Smarter Gardening

Best Free Gardening Apps for iPhone

5. Plant Identifier & Care – Greg

Plant Identifier app

Plant Identifier has a rating of 4.7 (at the time of writing) and was created by a man, Greg. You can use it to identify plants, and it also gives you everything you need so you can take care of them. It has a database of nearly 10,000 plants, so if you download it, you’re set.

Download Plant Identifier & Care – Greg

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6. LeafSnap-Plant Identification

plant identification app

Powered by AI, LeafSnap is one of the best. And we mean – the best. The app can recognize 90% of all plants and trees known to us. All you need to do is take a picture of the plant, and it’ll tell you its light, soil, watering, and other requirements.

Download LeafSnap – Plant Identification

7. Moon & Garden

vegetable gardening app

If you have trouble creating a plan – Moon & Garden’s the answer. This free gardening journal app will help you create a garden plan as per the lunar calendar. But that’s not it. The app is free and shows you the best times to plant, prune, and harvest your plants with reminders and tips.

Download Moon & Garden

8. Seed to Spoon – Growing Food

Growing Food app

You might remember this one from Android. Well, it’s also available on the App Store. You ask any question, record notes and dates as you plant, plan gardening for each season and check when your plants will sprout or harvest. With this, you won’t need to go anywhere else, except for our website ;)

Download Seed to Spoon – Growing Food for iPhone

9. Planta: Garden Planner

Garden Planner app

As the name suggests, Planter is your garden planner app. Just choose the size of your garden and add the plants – it will give you all the details. From the depth for planting the seeds to the harvest time, watering, diseases, and much more.

Download Planter: Garden Planner

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