3 Best February Birth Month Flowers

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Have a look at the Best February Birth Month Flowers that you can have in your home and garden at the special time of the year!

Want to know about the Best February Birth Month Flowers? Well, we have the most beautiful ones for you!

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Best February Birth Month Flowers

1. Primrose

Botanical Name: Primula vulgaris

The multi-colored primroses resemble roses but are not related to their family. Primrose is considered the new beginning with new blooms during spring.

With around 400 primula species from the Northern Hemisphere, primroses show off five flowering petals, basal leaves, and clusters of leafless stalks. They are available in shades of cream, white, yellow, blue, red, blue-purple, and bi-color.

The root of primrose as a February birth flower is related to Norse mythology, the holy bloom of the goddess of love, Freyja.

Primrose: Best February Birth Flower Meaning & Symbolism

This beautiful flower symbolizes young or teen love, passion, and enamored feeling that command, ‘I can’t live without you.’

The color white is considered the color of purity and innocence; cream primrose is a great way of telling someone special that they are on your mind.

Primrose comes in beautiful colors and represents femininity; they are suitable when gifted from a daughter to celebrate the occasion of mothers day.

2. Pansy / Violet


Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis

This flower has a great background in mythology and blooms in early spring and belongs to the temperate Northern Hemisphere, beside the East Coast from Maine to Florida.

The blossoms are considered to keep you safe from evil eye and negativity. There are more than 500 species of violets related to the genus viola that come in shades of yellow, blue, and cream and are popular as pansies.

The Violet – Best February Birth Flower Meaning & Symbolism

Violets signify humility, spiritual wisdom, and a promise of loyalty. The word ‘violet’ is derived from the Latin name ‘viola,’ which expresses ‘violet flower/ color.

According to Greek tales, violet was developed when a maiden turned into this beautiful flower to shield her nymph from being chased and become a symbol of modesty.

The purple color symbolize power, royalty, and confidence, whereas the white and blue parts indicate chastity, intuition, and spirituality.

3. Iris

Botanical Name: Iris

This early spring bloom for the February birth month marks its origin in temperate zones in dry, semi-desert, or cold, rocky mountain areas. In Greek, the term ‘Iris’ expresses ‘rainbow’ or ‘messenger,’ which epitomizes the meaning of this flower.

It is considered that the iris description of the rainbow is mentioned in the many hues of this bloom. The root of the meaning hints at the Greek goddess Iris, who travels beside rainbows to send messages.

The Iris– Best February Birth Flower Meaning & Symbolism

In accordance with folklore, the iris blossom means expressiveness or eloquence, an indication of mutual understanding and good communication.

Japanese culture admires the iris bloom for its purifying ability from evil energies and for representing purity.

This February birth flower symbolizes hope, faith, wisdom, admiration, and strength. Specific flower colors have meanings; the purple iris gives a message of compliments and insightfulness, blue iris indicates aspirations and conviction.

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