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22 Eye-Catching Balcony Garden Pictures of January 2021

If you want to revamp the look of your balcony with the new year, then take a cue from some of the best Balcony Garden Pictures of January 2021 on Instagram!

Keeping the trend of bringing you the best balcony pictures uploaded on Instagram from around the world alive, here are the best Balcony Garden Pictures of January 2021!

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Best Balcony Garden Pictures of January 2021!

1. Green and Peaceful

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2. A Mini Jungle

3. Trailing Plants in a Morning Balcony

4. Green Balcony with Plant Ladder and Hanging Baskets

5. A Relaxing Balcony

6. Wooden Floor with Tall Planters

7. Mini Balcony with Hanging Pots

8. Upcycled Vintage Mirror with Plants and More!

9. Elegant Balcony with White Flowers and Plants

10. Couch, Plant Ladder, and Hanging Pots

11. Balcony Setup with Row of White Planters and Furniture

12. Snake Plant, Palm Lights, and Variegated Plants

13. Balcony Garden with Trailing Plants and Hanging Mini Pots

14. Wooden Shelf for Pots

15. Hanging Baskets of Flowers!

16. Hanging Bulbs with Furniture and Plants

17. Rectangle Planters with Hanging Basket

18. A Tall Palm with Monstera!

19. Balcony with a Watering Kit for Plants

20. Balcony Oasis with a Plant Shelf

21. Dark Themed Balcony with Climber

22. A Green Corner

Note: Some images be might be old but uploaded by the account holders in the month of January 2021. 


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