11 Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY Ideas

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Here are some great Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY ideas that you can use to make yourself grow fresh organic herbs and plants!

How great it would be if you could grow plants with the help of a fish tank! Aquaculture and hydroponics can be used in a clever way to grow plants of your choice without taking too much space inside homes. It is simple and easy and there are many ways you could do it! Here are some of the clever Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY ideas you can use.

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Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY Ideas

1. Tabletop Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY

All you need is a simple PVC pipe with end caps to keep the water sealed in. It makes for a great hydroponic plant bed with a mini aquarium of 10 liters.

2. Homemade Aquaponics Aquarium

An old aquarium and a window planter box are all you need for this setup. The bell siphon controls the water flow and keeps the plant thriving.

3. Ikea Shelf Turned into an Indoor Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY 2

You can fit your fish tank in an IKEA shelf and put the box on top of it to grow plants hydroponically. For all the details on the project, click here.

4. DIY Urban Bathtub Aquaponics System

For this project, you can create a plant bed using plastic pond liner and river pebbles that’ll act as the hydroponic medium.

5. A Brita into an Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY 3

How about using a water dispenser’s top as a small countertop aquaponic system? Sounds fun? It is! Find out the details in this video.

6. DIY Aquaponics Aquarium Project

Using a wooden tray or a thick plastic, make holes for the cups and place it on top of the fish tank. You can grow your favorite herbs this way too! For further details, have a look at this video.

7. An Updated Aquaponics System

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY 4

This system utilizes the water from the fish tank with the fish waste to fertilize the plants. The water is also recycled constantly using the help of a pump.

8. Aquaponics DIY Eco-Garden 10 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

This aquarium has an easy removal grow-bed on the top, filled with clay pebbles. A pump rotates the water, ensuring the fish waste fertilizes the plant.

9. Green Wall Over an Aquarium

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY 5This system utilizes the water from the fish tank to irrigate the plants on the wall cleverly. For more details, click here.

10. A Large Aquaponics System

For this project, a large, 55-gallon tank was cut into two for the aquaponic system that can be used to grow small plants or herbs. You will find all the details in this video.

11. 10 Gallon Aquaponic Tank

Aquaponics Fish Tank DIY 6

This aquaponics system utilizes a tank on top of the fish tank filled with pea gravel. A small pump helps to water the kale plants from the fish tank that can be grown hydroponically. Details are here.

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  1. The size of the fish tank is determined by the types and the sizes of fish raised. 50 fascinating diy indoor aquaponics fish tank ideas. The mixture of aquaculture and hydroponics has.

  2. I really like the 6. diy one. As someone trying to become more self sufficient and still have a fish tank around it is a really good idea.


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