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Do you love sitting under the canopy but don’t have big trees in your garden? These Leafy Shelter from the Sun Ideas are what you need!

Burning up in the sunshine? Don’t sweat it! We’ll show you Leafy Shelter from the Sun Ideas, also known as garden bowers. Just picture cool, shady spots you would like in your yard and get ready to turn it into a reality.

Leafy Shelter from the Sun Ideas

1. Garden Bench with Shelter

If you’ve got a garden bench, you can add a wooden shelter to the top and use it as a support for growing vines. Simple, right?

2. Garden Entrance with Leafy Shelter

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 8

Garden entrances make lovely things to grow plants and get some shade from them. Make sure you place it according to the sun’s direction so you can get shade in both morning and evening.

3. Arbor Shelter for the Patio

Here’s another garden bower idea with a wooden arbor that can double as a trellis support for growing plants.

4. Leafy Sun Shelter with String Lights

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 7

Leafy shelters can also block the natural light coming into the sitting space, so you can add string lights to the structure.

5. Arbor with Foliage Cover


What a beautiful arbor with a foliage cover. Seems like the scene is straight out of a Disney movie.

6. Garden Arbor with Plants

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 6

Arbors don’t have to be straight; you can also make them fit into a corner and cover them up with pretty foliage or flowers.

7. Leafy Shelter with Sitting Idea

A simple wooden structure with dowels and plants can also make a cozy chilling spot with a leafy shelter in the garden. The sun won’t reach you.

8. Climbers on the Poles

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 5

You might not have lamp posts or poles in your garden but you can definitely get what we mean by this idea–use tall poles for growing vines for a leafy garden shelter.

9. Metal Arbor Leafy Shelter

Metal arbors are great because they can take much weight and look sleek and modern. Don’t you think? Plus, they’re great for floral vines and climbers.

10. Garden Bower Idea with Twigs and Branches

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 4

You can also put log wood branches and twigs to good use and create a leafy shelter for the backyard sitting. It might take a couple of weekends, but it’s worth it.

11. Patio with a Leafy Shelter


Sometimes, support beams and sprawling vines are all you need to make a garden bower.

12. Garden Bower Idea for the Lawn

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 3

Here’s an idea–use an arbor for a leafy shelter then adorn the space below with a rustic wood table and chair combo with massive pots.

13. Small Leafy Shelter with a Hut

Donna McCarty

You don’t need to go big; this idea shows how you can also make a small garden bower so you can chill after finishing up the gardening chores.

14. Potted Plants and Leafy Shelter

Leafy Shelter from the Sun 2

A small arbor with a shelter of foliage, a simple old garden bench, potted flowers, and a deck–what more could you want?

15. Vining Corner Shelter for Backyard

If you’ve got a cozy corner spot, you can train vines to actually grow along the wall structure and form a leafy shelter without needing any real support.

16. Leafy Shelter with Wood Frame

Leafy Shelter from the Sun

Why don’t you go with a rustic look? An old bench, a wood frame with foliage growing on it, and some wicker baskets are all you need.

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