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Incredible Broken Pot Ideas: Recycle your Garden

Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You’ve no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. We’ve some cool broken pot ideas: Choose your favorite one and implement it or run your creative glands to think something more special.

Spilled flower pot

spilled pot from broken container Making a spilled flower pot are one of the best ideas to make out of broken pot. You can create an astonishing waterfall like appearance from flowers. Moreover, you can develop it as a focal point of your garden to give your garden a unique touch. Click here to learn how to make spilled flower pot.

Growing succulents

DIY planter ideas Succulents are those ultimate plants that can grow anywhere. Growing succulents in a broken pot is a smart reuse of it and it looks unique too. This idea suits much better to terrace gardens, just place it in a visible corner of your terrace and spread pebbles around it.


broken pot diy ideas

Mulching with the broken pot is an effective idea to save moisture of soil, as well as your time. To do it, break the pot in small pieces and arrange them on the surface of the soil.

Fairy Garden

broken pot fairy garden If you have a large planter that is broken from a side then you can create a broken pot fairy garden in it. A fairy garden is easy to make and fun, plus it beautify a garden. learn to make a fairy garden.

Plant label

plant markers Plant label is a quick and easy way to recycle broken planters. To make it, bat the pot into desired pieces. Take the potsherds and write a name of the plant with permanent marker on it or you can use a sharp object to carve name to give it a rustic look. You can also decorate it with colors, when you’re done bury it half into the soil.

Tip: The mouth of pot is the best piece to make labels of, because it creates an effect of buried pot.

Control Invasive Plant

idea to control invasive plant If your pot is broken partially or can be arranged together, grow invasive plants in it, without fear that they will take over your garden. Read this article to learn more about controlling invasive plants.

Make a frog house

broken pot frog house

Are you a nature lover? If yes, use a broken pot to provide refuge to insect predators like frogs and toads. To do this, simply place it upside down near a moist spot of your garden. Use your creativity, paint it with beautiful colors, label it or do something more.

Tip: Make sure that the hole is big enough to let them enter in.

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Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You've no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. Check out!



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