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Growing Strawberries in Gutters | DIY Idea

Growing strawberries in gutters is the best way to use up your vertical space smartly. Strawberries are super easy fruits to grow in gutters, it also saves them from diseases like crown rot and fruit rot.

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Things You’ll Need for Growing Strawberries in Gutters

A simple PVC pipe with a diameter of 10 cm., hole saw to make holes. You will also need something to clog pipe from both sides. 

1. Step One

strawberry in rain gutter
Image Credit: ogrodwcentrum

Divide PVC pipes into equal sizes as many you want and make holes according to the size of pipe (approx. 5 cm). Use hole saw to make holes. You’ll also need to make a few hole for drainage on the bottom. Then clog pipe from both sides.

2. Step Two

strawberries in rain gutter
Image Credit: ogrodwcentrum

Now fill up the soil in the holes you made and plant strawberry plants carefully in each hole. Take care that the crown of strawberry plants should not be covered in soil.

3. Step Three

Image Credit: ogrodwcentrum

Now, all you need is to find a right spot to hang these pipes. Choose a less windy spot that remains sunny all time. We used strings to tied these pipes under each other others over a hanger. Alternatively, you can use whatever is available for you to hang and tied these pipes.



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