When Someone Gives You Yellow Carnations: Is It Positive or Negative?

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When someone gives you a yellow carnation, it's a gesture of expressing joy, warmth, support, and encouragement. The flower also signifies a fresh start, good luck, and success. And if you get yellow carnations mixed with other flowers; they can convey various emotions, from friendliness to admiration.

Do you know the yellow carnations meaning and symbolism behind them? And what it means when someone gives you this beautiful flower?


With their sunny color and delicate petals, yellow carnations stand out in the world of flowers. Receiving these blooms can have the most surprising meanings compared to any other flowers. Discover below!

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All You Need to Know About Carnations

Also known as Dianthus caryophyllus, these lovely flowers are native to the Mediterranean part of the world but have since spread to almost everywhere to become one of the most popular flowers.

Carnations are hardy perennials and grow upto 6-12 inches in height. They come in almost every color, not to mention their sweet and spicy fragrance, which can be mild or intense depending on the variety.

So What Does a Yellow Carnation Mean?Yellow Carnation bouquet

Like all carnations, yellow carnation have an interesting history and a wide range of meanings across cultures.

If we focus on the spiritual meaning of yellow carnations, they represent growth and the blossoming of one’s inner conciousness. They connect you with something divine and positive feelings.

Traditionally, their yellow shade is linked to happiness, friendship, and warmth, whereas, carnation flowers symbolize love, affection, and admiration.

If you add both–yellow carnations convey a message of joy and lightheartedness and friendship. It’s a beautiful flower that transcends language barriers and expresses positive emotions.

Negativity Associated with Yellow Carnations

On the other hand they are associated with positivity, optimism and happiness, they are also linked to negative emotions like envy and rejection.

The negative connotations come from the Medieval Europe, during those times the color yellow was a symbol of mistrust and betrayal, the reason behind this was its association with Judas Iscariot, who it was believed, wore yellow. Renaissance artists also painted him in yellow, which contributed to this more.

This is why yellow carnations are also linked to the feelings of rejection, betrayal, breakup, and infidelity.

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You Yellow Carnations?

Girl hold Yellow Carnation bouquet

Now let’s talk about the personal level – giving or receiving yellow carnations is more about the context and situation. It can be a great way to show friendship and saying thank you.

1. Expressing Positive Vibes

As yellow is often linked with positive vibes such as joy, happiness, and friendship, receiving a yellow carnation can be a sign that someone is trying to express happiness and warmth towards you. If someone you don’t know offers you one, they may want to start a pretty friendship.

2. Way to Show Support and Encouragement

Apart from that, yellow carnations are also used to express support and encouragement. If you receive these beautiful carnations from someone, they may be gifting them to show their support for you. Don’t be surprised if you find these when starting a new job or when you’re sick!

3. Warmth and Sunshine

As the sun radiates warm yellow rays, making our lives brighter, similarly, if someone gives you yellow carnations, they are trying to extend their warmth and cheerfulness to you, bringing warmth to your life. You should accept the kind gesture and welcome the relationship.

4. Symbol of Rebirth and Beginning

In some Eastern cultures, yellow is linked to rebirth and new beginnings. Receiving yellow carnations may signify a fresh start, whether in relationships, projects, or life journeys.

Negative Meaning of Yellow Carnations

And in situations when you want to say bid adieu to something or someone without facing them, these are your flowers! Giving yellow carnations also mean apology, a sign of regret or guilt.

5. Way to Breakup Gracefully

If a romantic partner gift a bouquet of yellow carnation, it can also mean a way to express the feelings of break up gracefully. Again, it totally depends on the context and reading the situation.

6. Sign of Showing Regret

If a person can’t be with you, they’ll send you yellow carnations to show that they’ll be there when you need them to be. Because of all the past meanings, these flowers are a great way to show regret for missing the place, person, or event.

What Does It Mean When Someone Gives You a Yellow Rose?

Yellow Carnations Combined With Other Flowers 

Yellow carnation with other flower

When yellow Carnations are combined with other flowers, the meaning can vary depending on the combination. For instance:

  • Getting yellow carnations with red roses is a blend of friendliness and romance. The giver is trying to give you a hint of his mixed emotions of joy filled with romantic feelings toward you. Or maybe a friend is trying to signal that they want to be something more to you.
  • If someone hands you a bunch of yellow carnations mixed with white lilies, they’re expressing friendliness to you and have pure intentions. The white of the lilies means purity and hope that you’ll accept.
  • Pairing Yellow Carnations with Purple Irises is the best way to convey admiration and wisdom. When someone chooses this combination for you, it’s a thoughtful gesture celebrating your achievements and important life moments.
  • If someone presents you with a bouquet full of yellow carnations and wildflowers, it’s a delightful gesture symbolizing joy and natural beauty. They might also gift you one to appreciate the many qualities they admire in you.

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