Iris Companion Plants | Gardener’s Guide on Companion Plants for Iris

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Iris are one of the most beautiful and low care flowers that is why they are gardener’s favorite and if you are growing them, learn about the iris companion plants.

There are hundreds of Iris species with different growing needs and if you want to plant iris and its companion plants, first you’ll need to know about the requirements of specific iris species you are growing.iris companion plants

Companion Plants for Iris

While choosing iris companion plants, experiment. Instead of focusing only on the plant’s health, consider about the plants that require similar growing conditions and complement the color and texture of irises you are growing.

Bearded Iris Companion Plants

Companion plants for tall, dwarf and other bearded iris are Columbine, sweet rocket, pyrethrum, blue salvia, coralbells and Narcissus. Lilies, hemerocallis hybrids, penstemons, phlox and chrysanthemums are also used in combination with irises. Some gardeners grow forsythia in poor soil with iris.

Japanese Iris Companion Plants

Japanese iris grows in moist soil, their soil requirement is similar to impatiens. You can grow them in moist to boggy soil. Grow moisture loving plants with Japanese iris like soft rush, tropical sage and impatiens if there is shade, you can also ferns and plants like hosta near it.

Siberian Iris Companion Plants

Siberian irises are cold hardy and low maintenance. They grow in full sun to part shade and thrive in wide range of soil, preferably moist. Grow siberian iris plants in clumps to create a beautiful color contrast with daylilies, marsh spurge, ornamental poppy, lady’s mantle and cranesbill.

Other Iris Companion Plants

Peonies are traditionally companions for irises. If you plant a garden with irises, peonies and roses it will look wonderful. One more plant is forsythia, forsythia not only helps the irises grow, but also provides the beautiful contrast of color. Forsythia flowers herald the arrival of spring and their yellow colored blooms are perfect match for reticulated iris that flowers in the spring as well.

Vinca minor plants when grown around the base of an iris plant, they crawl and grow around the iris, this creates a beautiful focal point in the garden. Pair of purple coneflowers also go along well with long-stemmed bearded irises.

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  1. I’m planning to plant chives around my irises which I have seen on line so I’m guessing it is OK. I’m taking care not to crowd the irises though as I understand they need their space. I’ve also got some sweet rocket.

  2. Thank you for taking good care of my Iris. She is growing up so beautifully and is full of nutrients and is happy.


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