7 Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks

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Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks might confuse you with the original plant – to ensure that doesn’t happen, this list is all you need!

Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks

Popular for their striking vivid flowers, these plants also have some doppelgangers growing in the wild! Welcome to the world of weeds that look like hollyhocks!

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Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks

1. Musk Mallow

Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks 1

Botanical Name: Malva moschata

Musk mallow has delicate pale pink or white blooms and leaves that look a lot like Hollyhocks. It is considered a weed throughout the northwestern United States.

Native to Europe and southwest Asia, it thrives in temperate climates. You can spot them along meadows, roadsides, and waste places.

2. Cheese Weed


Botanical Name: Malva parviflora

Their foliage have a striking resemblance to miniature hollyhock leaves so much so that you will be hard-pressed to tell any difference till the flowers come up!

Cheese weeds have gone berserk globally now and you can spot them mainly in disturbed soils in temperate to subtropical regions.

3. Dwarf Mallow

Weeds That Look Like Hollyhocks 3

Botanical Name: Malva neglecta

Common mallow is often confused with hollyhocks due to similar foliage. It can be distinguished by its white, pink, or lavender flowers that have a different shape.

Buttonweed has its roots in western Asia, and North Africa, thriving in almost any conditions, so you can spot it anywhere!

4. Scarlet Globemallow

Botanical Name: Sphaeralcea coccinea

Also popular as slippery elm, it is a weed with vibrant orange, red, and pink flowers reminiscent of hollyhock blossoms. It thrives in dry grassland regions, mostly.

You can spot these all around western United States and Mexico. Scarlet Globemallow are common in grasslands and open, sandy areas.

5. Prairie Mallow

Hollyhocks flower like weed 2

Botanical Name: Sidalcea malviflora

Miniature hollyhocks, from a distance, mimic the appearance of traditional hollyhocks. They grow in almost any conditions, making these flowers best for any garden setting.

The plant is native in the western United States, particularly California and is quite common in mountain foothills, mostly.

6. Sidalcea

Hollyhocks flower like weed 4

Botanical Name: Sidalcea

The plant has pink flowers that bloom in mid-spring to early summer, with shape and form that look like hollyhocks in the first glance.

Sidalceas are native in North America, especially the western regions and quite a common sight in open woodlands.

7. Creeping Charlie

Hollyhocks flower like weed 5

Botanical Name: Glechoma hederacea

While its leaves resemble those of hollyhocks when young, the plant distinguishes itself as it matures, spreading as a ground-covering vine. It has blue and lavender flowers.

The plant has now widespread globally and you can spot these easily in shaded areas, particularly in a moist environment.

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