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Are there any advantages of Using Coconut Oil for Plants? Read on to know more about Coconut Oil Uses in the Garden & Home!

Using Coconut Oil for Plants

If you are wondering whether using Coconut Oil for Plants is possible or not, then the answer is yes, it is! Here are some fantastic Coconut Oil Uses in the Garden and Home for you!

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Using Coconut Oil for Plants and Garden

1. Lubricate Gardening Tools

Using Coconut Oil for Plants

You can keep your tools like pruning shears, hedge cutters, pliers in good working condition by applying a bit of coconut oil to them. This will ensure they work like a charm and remain rust-free.

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2. Add Shine to the Foliage!

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 2
katrina chambers

Rubbing a wee bit of coconut oil on plant leaves adds a beautiful shine and keeps some pests and infections like mildew away. Add a few drops of coconut oil to a cotton cloth and gently rub on the leaves.

Applying this to the foliage also impedes the leaves from absorbing too much moisture. As it is also rich in microbial and antifungal properties, it also helps prevent fungal diseases and issues in plants.

While using coconut oil on plants, make sure not to place them in direct sunlight, as the oil will end up absorbing more heat from the sun, and it can burn the leaves.

Note: Before applying this, do a patch test on one of the leaves first!

3. Make Organic Pesticide

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 2

You can prepare organic pesticides using coconut oil to get rid of mealybugs, mites, aphids, and caterpillars. This pesticide covers insects and blocks their breathing pores.

Things You’ll Need:

  • 2 cups of coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup organic castile soap
  • 1/2 tsp of neem oil (optional)
  • Spray bottle
  • Empty jar


Mix coconut oil and castile soap into the empty jar. Close the lid and shake the jar till it turns white. Dilute the solution with a bit of water and fill it into a spray bottle.

You can keep this pesticide for three months. Avoid using this solution on plants with thin or soft leaves.

4. Weed Killer

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 3
shutterstock/Mike Pellinni

Get rid of weed using coconut oil without damaging nature and useful plants. Mix equal parts of vegetable and coconut oil in a saucepan and heat on low flame. To make the solution more potent, you can also add 15-20 drops of neem oil to it.

Once the solution cools down, transfer it to a spray bottle. Shake well before use and spray it on weeds to get rid of them organically! You’ll have to spray this for 5-7 days continuously.

5. Use it for Cleaning

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 4

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to a bowl of coconut oil and use the paste to get rid of grit and grime. It works wonderfully well in the kitchen and on other dirty surfaces!

6. Great Insect and Mosquito Repellent

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 5

According to the study published at the Department of Agriculture, University of Nebraska, USA, the medium-chain length fatty acids in the coconut oil were found to exhibit the predominant repellent activity up to 96-hours in the hot summer.

To make it more effective, add 4-6 drops of neem oil to 50 ml of coconut oil and apply it evenly to the exposed parts of the body before you go to a garden or any area that might have mosquitoes.

7. Body Scrub

shutterstock/Julia Sudnitskaya

Mix coconut oil with a little bit of coconut sugar to make your own organic body scrub! Apply it on the dead skin and rub to have smooth and supple results!

8. Provides Relief from Sunburn


If you have suffered a sunburn while working long hours in the garden, then applying virgin coconut oil over the area will give you instant relief. It will also reduce swelling and redness.

Natural Sunscreen

According to this study, the SPF value of coconut oil is around 8, which protects the skin from the harmful UV radiation of the sun.

Mix equal amounts of coconut and olive oil and apply it to the exposed parts of the body till it is absorbed completely, 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

9. Acts as a Natural Paw Cream for Pets

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 6
shutterstock/Olya Maximenko

Dry and cracked paws in animals can be a cause of concern. Applying coconut oil to their feet will keep them supple, especially in the colder months.

10. Lubricate Castor Wheels

Castor wheels can get jammed over a period of continuous use due to rust formation and debris. Coconut oil acts as a super lubricant, ensuring the wheels remain safe from rust and also move freely, without any troubles.

Add a few drops to the wheels after cleaning them and see them move around smoothly!

11. Effective Against Dog Ticks

Using Coconut Oil for Plants 9

The antimicrobial properties of coconut oil provide instant relief to dogs against ticks, fleas, and mange mites infection. The application of Virgin Coconut Oil also eliminates these pests in dogs by coating their exoskeleton. This suffocates them and limits their mobility.

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil also help to heal the inflamed skin of cats and dogs and make their fur better.

To make it more effective, mix equal quantities of tea tree, neem, peppermint, and coconut oil and apply it to the affected area.

12. Great for Hair and Skin

shutterstock/New Africa

Coconut oil is rich in essential fats that give a smooth texture to the skin. According to one study, virgin coconut oil (VCO) improves the symptoms of skin disorders by moisturizing and soothing. The anti-inflammatory activity of VCO suppresses inflammatory markers and protects the skin by enhancing the skin barrier function.

VCO also plays an important role in skin aging, inflammation, and carcinogenesis, thanks to its anticancer, antimicrobial, analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides effective protection against UVB irradiation, too.

Take a dollop size amount on your palm and apply it to the face and body parts in circular motion till it is completely absorbed by the skin. Do this every day before going to bed for the best results.

The oil is also great for dry and damaged hair. According to this study, Coconut oil, being a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid), has a high affinity for hair proteins and, because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, is able to penetrate inside the hair shaft, giving it all the moisture and conditioning it needs for good health.

Before shampooing, massage your scalp with lukewarm virgin coconut oil and leave it for 30-40 minutes for the best results.

Don’t Miss This!

  • As coconut oil freezes easily, using it on the foliage will form a hard layer in the colder months, which can be potentially harmful to the plant. It is important that you use it only when the weather is warm.
  • Make sure that the oil you are using is pure, not mixed with any chemicals, and is devoid of any contamination. Always go for virgin coconut oil.

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