20 Different Types of Pink Lily Varieties

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Here are the best Types of Pink Lily Varieties that will surely take your breath away with their allure and charm!

From soft pastels to vibrant magentas, these  Pink Lily Varieties exude elegance, enchanting your garden and floral arrangements.

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Pink Lily Meaning

Pink lily carries a rich symbolic meanings across different cultures and histories. Its significance varies based on context, religious beliefs, cultural traditions, and even its specific hue. Here’s an overview of what the pink lily signifies in various cultures:

  1. Christianity: In Christian symbolism, the lily, often depicted in religious art, is associated with purity, motherhood, and the Virgin Mary. While white lilies are more commonly related to these themes, pink lilies can be seen as a symbol of love and aspiration.
  2. Greek Mythology: The Greeks believed that lilies sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. This association with the divine might be a reason why lilies often represent purity and rebirth. The pink hue of the lily in this context can signify abundance and prosperity.
  3. Chinese Culture: Lilies, especially during the Lunar New Year celebrations, symbolize luck and hope for a prosperous new year. A pink lily might be given as a gesture of admiration and as a wish for wealth and prosperity.
  4. General Symbolism: Across many cultures, lilies represent fertility, renewal, and rebirth due to their perennial growth cycle. Pink lilies, specifically, often denote abundance, prosperity, femininity, compassion, and love.
  5. Victorian Language of Flowers: In the Victorian era, flowers were used as a medium to convey messages that could not be spoken aloud in the conservative society of the time. In this “language of flowers,” pink lilies might be used to convey feelings of admiration and romantic affection towards someone.
  6. Funeral Symbolism: In certain contexts, lilies are used at funerals as a symbol of the transience of life. They represent the restored innocence of the soul after death. While white is the most common color for this purpose, pink lilies can be seen as expressing love, admiration, and respect for the departed.
  7. Modern Interpretations: Today, pink lilies are popular choices for various occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries. They are seen as a gesture of admiration, charm, and sweetness towards the recipient. They’re also popular on Mother’s Day due to their association with femininity and motherhood.

Different Types of Pink Lily Varieties

1. Anastasia

Botanical Name: Lilium (Oriental-Trumpet) ‘Anastasia’

Anastasia is a type of pink lily known for its beautiful blooms. The flowers come in various shades of pink, ranging from soft pastels to deeper magentas.

2. Chameleon

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Cameleon’

Chameleon Lily is a fascinating flower with a color-changing feature. It can display different hues, varying from pink to yellow, and sometimes even both in the same bloom.

3. Dizzy

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Dizzy’

This pink lily blooms during the summer. The plant can grow to a height of about 2 -3 feet. Dizzy lilies are excellent for cutting and flower arrangements.

4. Pink Morning


Botanical Name: Lilium martagon ‘Pink Morning’

It is a charming flower with soft pink petals. It blooms during the morning hours. The plant grows to a height of about 2 -3 feet.

5. Flashpoint

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Flashpoint’

Flashpoint is an eye-catching pink lily with vibrant colors that blooms during the summer season, adding a pop of color to the garden.

6. Pink Perfection

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Pink Perfection’

Beautiful pink petals make up the Pink Perfection Lily. It blooms during the summer and grows to a height of about 2-4 feet. P

7. Salmon Twinkle

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Salmon Twinkle’

Salmon Twinkle is a beautiful flower with salmon-colored petals that have a shimmering effect. It blooms during the summer season. T

8. Souvenir

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Souvenir’

A lovely flower with soft pink petals and a delicate appearance blooms during mid to late summer. The plant can reach a height of about 2 -3 feet .

9. Stargazer

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Stargazer’

Stargazer Lily is a stunning flower with bright pink petals and white edges. It blooms in mid to late summer, adding beauty to any garden. The pink lily can grow up to 3-4 feet tall.

10. First Romance

Lilium First Romance

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘First Romance’

This elegant pink lily blooms in later summer and has pink buds that open into creamy blossoms with spots near the center. The plant grows to about 4-6 feet tall.

11. Oriental Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Tom Pouce

This beautiful flower with pink blooms have white edges and bloom in mid to late summer. The plant grows to a height of about 2-3 feet.

12. Heartstrings Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Heartstrings’

The Heartstrings Lily is a captivating flower with pink petals and pale yellow centers. This pink lily grows to a height of 3-4 feet.

13. Elodie Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Asiatic Elodie’

Elodieis a type of pink lily with beautiful creamy white flowers. It’s a late-blooming variety, and the flowers appear in early summer.

14. Altari

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Altari’

Altari is a type of lily with beautiful pink flowers with petals having white edges and red spots, and the blooms face outward. This pink lily grows about 3-4 feet in height.

15. Brindisi

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Brindisi’

This charming type of lily has pink blossoms with white edges and red dots on the petals. The buds are green, creating a nice contrast with the pink blooms.

16. Entertainer

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Entertainer’

It has large star-shaped flowers in a vibrant fuchsia color with white edges and red spots. The plant has strong stem, so it doesn’t need extra support.

17. Triumphator

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Triumphator’

This stunning specimen with large star-shaped flowers with petals have bright red dots and white margins with fuchsia undertones.

18. Rosella’s Dream

Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Asiatic Rosella’s Dream’

This one showcases beautiful, large, and double star-shaped flowers. The petals are watermelon pink with white edges and rose-colored spots.

19. Starlight Express


Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Starlight Express’

It has a vibrant fuchsia petals edged in white and sprinkled with red spots. The buds are green and when they open, they create a beautiful contrast with the bright pink blooms.

20. Double Flowering Oriental Lily


Botanical Name: ‘Samantha Roselily’

It is a beautiful oriental lily with strong stem and large double star-shaped flowers having a lovely watermelon color with white edges and rose-colored freckles.

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