22 Most Beautiful Types of Lisianthus Varieties

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Have a look at the Best Types of Lisianthus Varieties and add them to your yard for a beautiful splash of colors.

If you want fuller blooms in your garden that come in a range of appealing colors, then grow one or all of these Types of Lisianthus Varieties!

Best Types of Lisianthus Varieties

1. Arena Red

Types of Lisianthus Varieties 1

First on the list of types of lisianthus varieties, this, as the name sounds, the blooms open in bright red petals in many hues that make them a for red shade lovers.

2. ABC 2 Rose

Types of Lisianthus Varieties in garden

These lisianthus varieties have double flowers with pink ruffled margins. They look adorable in vases and pots. Grow them in full sun or partial shade.

3. Advantage Cherry Sorbet

Types of Lisianthus Varieties 3

Advantage Cherry Sorbet offers bloom in deep pink color with ruffled edges – they appear in early summer and grow up to 3-4 feet tall.

4. ABC 2 Purple

Types of Lisianthus Varieties 3

This type of lisianthus variety blooms with double petals in a deep purple shade. These plants grow best in full sun and partial shade in the afternoon.

5. Black Pearl

Types of Lisianthus Varieties 5

The dark purple flowers appear almost black hence the name – its bright green foliage makes the overall look more pleasing.

6. Balboa White

Types of Lisianthus Varieties in garden 4

These types of lisianthus varieties offer double blooms in the bright white shade. You can pair them with other colorful flowers in your garden.

7. Charisma Rose

Amazing Lisianthus Varieties 7
shutterstock/Sergey V Kalyakin

Charisma Rose features deep rose-pink double flowers. They grow tall and elegant and look almost like roses!

8. Charisma White

Stunning Lisianthus Varieties 2

These varieties display white petals that appear almost lilac-like. The flowers look stunning over green leaves.

9. Charisma Lavender

Awesome Lisianthus Varieties 9

This variety shows off 4-5 inch wide blossoms in a soft lavender shade with blushes of cream-white. It grows tall and elegant.

10. Charisma Blue

Various Lisianthus Varieties 2

This variety boasts dark blue, almost plum-hued blooms with bright yellow centers over green leaves.

11. Charisma Yellow

Stunning Lisianthus Varieties 11

This variety is noted for its creamy yellow flowers and charming green leaves. For best blooms, grow where it gets indirect light all day long.

12. Corelli 3 Blue

Awesome Lisianthus Varieties 3

This lovely variety has deep blue double-fringed petals and green leaves. Over time, the blooms take a purple hue.

13. Corelli 3 Apricot

Stunning Lisianthus Varieties 13

These types of lisianthus varieties Apricot feature ruffled petals in a pink-apricot shade. For best growth, make sure it gets 4-5 hours of morning sun.

14. Forever Blue

Awesome Types of Lisianthus Varieties 4
Lake Street Garden Center LLC

Forever Blue is noted for its violet-purple soft, velvety blooms on tall stalks. The flowers stand out with their light green leaves.

15. Lisa Pink

Amazing Lisianthus Varieties 15

These types of lisianthus varieties come in pretty shades of pink. The stems grow quite tall, which makes the booms stand out!

16. Mint Cocoa

Beautiful Lisianthus Varieties 5
Soil & Soul Flowers

This stunning-color variety shows off soft brown-green ruffled petals that give it a smashing look than other lisianthus plants.

17. Mariachi Lime Green

Amazing Lisianthus Varieties 17

This variety is loved for delicate light lime green blooms. These blossoms look beautiful in vases and pots.

18. Mariachi Yellow

Awesome Types of Lisianthus Varieties 6

The blooms of this cultivar are made up of soft yellow petals and light-green centers. It grows up to 3-4 feet tall and requires staking.

19. Mariachi Blue

Beautiful Lisianthus Varieties 19

It flowers in early summer and offers blue-violet petals. This variety reaches up to 2-3 feet tall, making it perfect for garden corners.

20. Roseanne Black Pearl

Types of Lisianthus Varieties in garden

These remarkable flowers feature full double petals in a deep purple hue that looks black with ruffled edges.

21. Super Magic Champagne

Types of Lisianthus Varieties 21

This variety displays soft peach petals that fade to cream at the tops – it grows up to 3-4 feet tall and blooms in early summer.

22. White Rose

Types of Lisianthus Varieties in pot 7

White lisianthus shows off petals in the shape of roses two inches across – it can be easily grown beside other annuals.

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