Try This Rubber Band Hack to Grow New Plants Quickly!

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Try This Rubber Band Hack to Grow New Plants Quickly. You’ll be surprised to see the results! Read on to learn this amazing technique.

Rubber Band Hack

Do you enjoy learning new gardening hacks and tricks? If yes, try this Rubber Band Hack to Grow New Plants Quickly! It’s simple and it works.

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Things You’ll Need

  • Rubber Bands
  • A Bowl
  • Sterilized Clipper

How to Use the Rubber Band Hack to Grow New Plants Quickly

1. Cutting the Leaves

Rubber Band Hack 2

Snip off 2-3 healthy leaves near the petiole. Ensure the snipping tool is properly sterilized. Remember this hack is perfect for plants you can grow leaves, some of the names are listed below.

2. Take a Small Bowl or Cup and Wrap Rubberbands

Take a small square cup or a bowl and fill it with growing medium; it can either be soil or water.

Now, wrap the rubberbands in three layers, as shown in the picture, or as many as you want, depending on the size of your container. Use a total of 6 rubberbands and pair them in groups of 2. The forced space between them is what you will use to keep the leaves in place.

If you are rooting them in water, add that in the last.

3. Fix the Leaves in Rubberbands

Rubber Band Hack 3

The role of the rubberbands here is to keep the leaves firmly in place so that the petiole remains in contact with the growing medium.

Make sure that you swiftly snug the leaves between the bands, not damaging them in the process. This will speed up the rooting process by a good margin.

4. Keep the Bowl at a Bright Spot

That’s it! Keep the bowl where it gets plenty of bright but indirect daylight. If you have used water as a growing medium, change it once in 3-4 days.

If you have used soil, moisten it using a mister every few days.

5. New Growth!

After about a couple of weeks, the leaves will form tiny roots. At this point, you can transplant the leaves into a different vase filled with water or shift them into a small 3-4 inches pot that soil, and soon you will have a new plant growing!

This hack can help propagate Peperomia, Kalanchoe, Snake Plant, Rex Begonia, African Violets, ZZ Plant, Sweetheart Hoya, and Chinese Money Plant. Try this hack today and enjoy a lush tropical show in your home!

For more details, watch the video here

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