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The Easiest Way to Re-Pot Any Container Plant in Seconds

Learn The Easiest Way to Re-Pot Any Container Plant in Seconds and transfer your root-bound green friend quickly!


Re-potting plants can be tough for many newbie gardeners because taking out a rootbound plant from the existing pot is not easy as it damages the roots. To make things simpler, you just have to follow this repotting trick below.

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When to Re-Pot a Plant?


Repotting is a crucial part of a plant’s growth. Houseplants should be repotted as soon as they appear too big for the current pot and show some of these symptoms:

  • Stunted growth
  • Roots coming out of the drainage hole
  • Plants with pale and brittle leaves and growing medium drying up faster than usual
  • Having too many offsets (pups)

Easiest Way to Re-Pot Any Plant in Seconds


The most difficult thing about repotting any plant is removing it from its existing container, especially if it’s root bound, and following these steps can solve this problem.

  • Make sure the growing medium is neither too dry nor too wet.
  • Start giving a pat on all the sides of the pot, keeping it in a slanting position–once you feel the rootball getting loose, go ahead for the next step!
  • Do gentle tapping on the base by turning your pot upside down. This will make the soil loose at the sides and base of the pot, making it slide out easily, along with the rootball, 1/4 or halfway.
  • Afterward, hold the base clump and pull it out of the pot. It will come out easily. Divide it, if required.
  • Take a new pot, that’s one or two sizes bigger than the old one, and transfer the plant. Make sure that you are using a fresh growing medium and the pot is sterilized.
  • Water well, and keep the plant at a location where it gets indirect light. Avoid moving it to a sunny spot for a while to save it from transplanting shock.

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