13 Succulents That Grow Like Weed & Anyone Can Grow Them

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If you’re looking for succulents that don’t die easily, try these 13 Succulents that Grow like a Weed. They look pretty and don’t require much attention.

Succulents are easy to grow–but, still–if you’re a supposed succulent murderer who can’t keep them alive, this post is for you. Start growing these 13 succulents that grow like a weed and get back your green thumb again.

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Succulents that Grow like a Weed

Many of the succulents in this list are aggressive growers in their ideal climate and if you live in such a place (warm and dry), avoid growing them on the ground, especially the ‘Mother of Millions‘ plant. Even in a cold climate, they are tough, easy to grow, and won’t die on you.

1. Chandelier Plant

Succulents that Grow like a Weed

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe delagoensis

This fast-growing plant is also known as ‘Mother of Millions,’ which grows little plantlets on the tip of its leaves that can be multiplied easily, even when you don’t want. This succulent is considered an invasive species and is really easy to grow and maintain.

Note: The plant is mild to moderately toxic to pets if ingested.

2. Agave

If you're looking for succulents that don't die easily, try these 13 Succulents that Grow like a Weed. They look pretty and don't require much attention.

Botanical Name: Agave

Agave americana, Agave sisalana, and Agave angustifolia are very popular but considered invasive in their natural places, having a dense growth habit. They form a cluster of thickets that are almost impregnable. You can easily grow them in containers as well as on the ground if you’re looking for carefree maintenance.

3. Opuntia

Succulents that Grow like a Weed 2
Image Credit: Mountain States Nursery

Botanical Name: Opuntia stricta

Many other species like opuntia miller and opuntia gomei are considered invasive in a dry climate. These beautiful cactus plants are easy to propagate from pads and survive in difficult conditions. You can add them to your succulent collection in large pots or garden!

4. Pink Mother of Millions

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe daigremontiana ‘Pink Butterfly’

An attractive and unusual specimen, we also added it to our list of pink houseplants–it will delight you with its mix of bright pink and green. The plant has a habit of growing quite relentlessly on land but you can enjoy its beauty by growing it easily in pots.

5. Sedum

Succulents that Grow like a Weed 3

Botanical Name: Sedum

Not actually invasive, but ground cover sedums are very aggressive growers. Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina,’ Sedum sieboldii, & Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood,’ are some gorgeous enthusiastic cultivars!

6. Ice Plant

Botanical Name: Delosperma floribundum

Grow this drought-tolerant succulent with lovely purple flowers to add a splash of color in the dry areas of your garden. This fast-spreading perennial looks great in containers too!

7. Donkey Ear Plant

Succulents that Grow like a Weed 4

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri

This succulent is a rapid-growing plant, forms its own roots, and produces new baby plants through its leaves like mother of millions. It is very easy to grow and maintain too.

8. Devil’s Backbone

Botanical Name: Euphorbia tithymaloides

Also popular as a Christmas candle or Zigzag plant, this invasive succulent is becoming a popular choice of houseplant growers because it’s really easy to grow and doesn’t mind low light, dry air, and infrequent watering.

Note: Like all euphorbias, its sap is toxic.

9. Carrion Flower

Succulents that Grow like a Weed 5

Botanical Name: Stapelia gigantea

Looks a lot like cactus, this easy to grow specimen shows remarkable growth, especially when grown in an arid garden. Be careful with the smell though as its blooms smell like rotting meat!

10. Ghost Plant

Botanical Name: Graptopetalum paraguayense

The ever-lengthening stems of this plant just keep on growing! It’s hard to kill, survives almost every weather and the new growth keeps coming from the center of rosettes. If you are a beginner succulent grower then you must grow this one!

11. Lizard’s Tail

Succulents that Grow like a Weed 6

Botanical Name: Crassula muscosa

Also known as ‘Watch Chain’, this creeping and branching crassula goes on spreading and sprawling outwards with its stunning light green foliage & small yellow-green flowers. It’s also a great pick for hanging baskets.

12. Mother of Thousands

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe daigremontiana

This attractive succulent features large fleshy green leaves that produce baby plantlets from the edges of leaves. This rapidly growing plant spreads fast and can also tolerate intense heat but what it doesn’t like it cold.

13. Elephant Bush

Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra

Also known as ‘Miniature Jade,’ it doesn’t belong to the Crassula family. You can grow it from stem cuttings of the main plant. It is available in many varieties & grows quite rapidly.

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