4 SpongeBob Flowers that Exist in Real

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Are SpongeBob Flowers real? What if we told you we have some names that share a quirky similarity? Read on!

Spongebob Flowers 1

If you love cartoon characters or want specimens that your kids can relate to easily, then these Spongebob Flowers are a must-have!

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Are SpongeBob Flowers Real?

SpongeBob Flowers, as the name suggests, are not real plants or flowers. They appear in the cartoon series and are mostly a result of imagination or insipiration.

However, there are specimens in the botanical world that share a distinctive resemblance with these plants, which you can easily grow in your home and garden, especially for your children.

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Best Spongebob Flowers

1. Periwinkle (Flower Clouds)

Did you know that Periwinkles were the inspiration behind the flower clouds you see in the cartoon series?

These are lovely flowers with 5 petals and can be seen in shades of pink, red, white, and yellow, both in the cartoon and the real world.

2. Flowers for Sandy / Pink Mandevilla

Spongebob Flowers 3Spongebob Flowers 3

Remember when SpongeBob took gifted flowers to his pal, Sandy, on Surprise Sandy Day?

These were none other than pink Mandevillas. They have a yellow center with 5 pink petals and look absolutely beautiful in the garden. You can also spot it on her space helmet.

3. Common Daisy

Common Daisies can be spotted in many places in the show, just like this flower shop. These blooms have a golden-yellow center and white petals, perfect for creating a peaceful garden.

4. Carrion Flower

Carrion flowers are known for their star shape and strong odor, which resembles the smell of rotting meat. Both SpongeBob and carrion flowers have a way of drawing attention, be it through the charcter’s antics in the cartoon or the flower’s pungent odor in nature!

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