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Top Rex Begonia Care and Growing Tips

Check out some of the best Rex Begonia Care and Growing Tips to maintain the colorful and striking foliage of this plant for a long time to come!

Rex Begonia Care

Stunning and distinctive, the Rex Begonia is a semi-tropical perennial plant that grows in tropical and semitropical climates. With a jaw-dropping plumage, this plant is also known as painted leaf begonia due to its unique coloration! Let’s have a look at the top tips on the best Rex Begonia Care!

Here are the most awesome types of rex begonia you can grow

Rex Begonia Care

Native to tropical regions, Rex Begonias thrive in bright indirect sunlight, and this allows their colors such as purples, pinks, greens, and silvers to be as vibrant as they can get. As houseplants, they are good-natured and easy to care for. By following certain routines, your begonia’s foliage will be healthy for a long time to come!

1. Water Them Just Right

While caring for them, you must always ensure not to overwater or directly spray onto the leaves as this could cause mildew. Always water the plant thoroughly till it seeps out from the drainage holes of the pot. Let the topsoil dry before you water it again.

During winters, however, reduce the watering as it stays dormant, storing everything they need.

2. What Temperature Do they Like?

These gorgeous plants thrive in temperatures between 60-70 F (15-22 C) and thrive in moderate humidity. Occasionally certain plants stay dormant during the cold season, but most begonias prefer the humid, slightly warm environment throughout the year.

As much as they love humidity, do not directly mist them as this causes the growth of powdery mildew, which could be potentially dangerous.

3. Direct light is Not Necessary

Rex Begonia Care 2

Rex Begonias love bright indirect sunlight all year round. Inherently, they are not aggressive bloomers and can even thrive under fluorescent light. Rotating the pot ensures the plant gets a uniform exposure to light, which helps it stay healthy and lush.

4. Don’t Forget the ‘F’ Word!

Fertilizer for any plant is crucial. For Begonias, fertilizing in the spring when new growth
starts to appear is very important. Feed them every two weeks with a balanced plant food diluted to ¼ of the recommended strength.

Always remember to feed it less in the fall and not during the winter, as they usually stay dormant.

5. Be a Propagation Artist


When you are growing a Rex Begonia indoors, you must always carefully propagate the leaves, stems, or rhizomes. As this plant takes so long to grow, this is the best way to get a garden full of beautiful Rex Begonias in no time!

6. Prune It!

Pruning keeps the foliage bushy. Make sure you are snipping away dead and decayed foliage to maintain the appearance of the plant. Also, cutting back any bare stems will encourage fuller growth.

These methods to care for Rex Begonias will ensure that your plants are taken care of and grow healthily. Create a routine for your beloved plants and make sure that they get everything they need at all times!


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