12 Beautiful Red and Black Flowers

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These Red and Black Flowers are great to add a vivid color combination in your home and garden! Keep on reading for the best ones!

Uncover the charm of Beautiful Red and Black Flowers, ideal for adding drama and sophistication to gardens and arrangements. Join us as we explore these captivating blooms and their unique qualities.

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Beautiful Red and Black Flowers

1. Black Baccara Rose

Red and Black Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Black Baccara’

These Red and Black Flowers create a dramatic, elegant, and attractive contrast. This rose variety is a favorite for adding a touch of romanticism to gardens and bouquets alike.

2. Black Magic Hollyhock


Botanical Name: Alcea rosea ‘Black Magic’

With deep red blooms, these tall, Red and Black Flowers add grace and excitement to gardens. Against green foliage, their dark allure symbolizes mystery!

3. Black Prince Snapdragon

Red and Black Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Antirrhinum majus ‘Black Prince’

The Black Prince Snapdragon boasts deep, almost-black crimson-red petals that immediately draw attention. It’s a great addition to borders and beds.

4. Black Calla Lily

Botanical Name: Zantedeschia ‘Black Star’

The Black Calla Lily is a captivating plant with deep, velvety black-red spathes that curve gracefully like elegant trumpets. It is a popular choice for symbolic floral arrangements.

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5. Black Parrot Tulip

Red and Black Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Black Parrot’

With its deep, dark maroon petals and fringed edges resembling parrot feathers, this tulip stands out as a striking example of beautiful Red and Black Flowers.

6. Dark Chocolate Cosmos

Botanical Name: Cosmos atrosanguineus

The near-black red-brown petals of these blooms release an enchanting chocolate scent. This attribute makes it a perfect addition in pots on patios.

7. Red Smoke Bush

Red and Black Flowers 7

Botanical Name: Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’

With its maroon to red-black ‘flowers’, the plant adds drama and elegance to landscapes. Grow it in the borders for the best display.

8. Queen of Night


Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Queen Of Night’

These Red and Black Flowers are renowned for dark velvety blooms that capture the imagination. Its deep, dark red color appears black under bright light.

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9. Bat Orchid

Red and Black Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

The Bat Orchid, Tacca chantrieri, is a fascinating blooming plant known for its large, dark maroon-red to black blooms that resemble a bat in flight.

10. Schwarzwalder Calla Lily

Botanical Name: Calla Lily ‘Schwarzwalder’

Calla Lily ‘Schwarzwalder’ is a striking variety with deep red-burgundy, almost black blossoms that create a dramatic and elegant appearance.

11. Onyx Odyssey Hellebore

Red and Black Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Hellebore ‘Onyx Odyssey’

These plants range in color from deep red-maroon to almost black. The rich, dark tones of the petals contrast beautifully with the bright yellow stamens.

12. Persian Lily

Botanical Name: Fritillaria persica

Fritillaria persica, or Persian Lily, stands tall with spikes of dark deep red-black, bell-shaped blooms. The deep and somber hues add a touch of elegance and drama.

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