22 Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas

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Need ink inspiration? We’ve got the best Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas that will make you want to get one of these right away.

Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas are the way to go if you want to showcase what you’re hiding within or even if you just want cool ink for the spooky season. Ready to check out the best ones? Let’s go!

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Pumpkin Tattoo Meaning and Significance

Pumpkin body art represents a lot of things that make it a versatile choice. Here’s what they hold.


Pumpkins are a celebration of autumn’s arrival, bringing abundance. These tattoos are perfect for people who connect with the changing seasons of life and stay positive. They bring abundance to personal life, too.

Halloween Spirit

Pumpkins are also a symbol of Halloween festivities. A lot of people have spooky pumpkins on their skin. You can pair these up with playful creatures like bats or jack-o-lanterns.


Pumpkins are also rooted in Celtic mythology, where they were used in ancient festivals to keep evil spirits away. They also represent the transition from light to dark and bring transformation in life.

Personal Growth

Pumpkin inks are also for personal growth and hidden potential. Pumpkins have a hard shell and sweetness within, which is symbolic of self-discovery and the qualities you have inside you.

Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas

1. Amazed Pumpkin

Amazed Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas

Here’s a little amazed pumpkin with a wizard’s hat along with a tooth and a spooky raven.

2. Cute Pumpkin Tattoo

Cute Pumpkin Tattoo

Who wouldn’t love to get this cute little pumpkin head on their skin?

3. Pumpkin in the Night

Pumpkin in the Nighttattoo idea

A maniacal pumpkin surrounded by bats and a crescent moon for Halloween. Cool, right?

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4. Poisoned Pumpkin

Poisoned Pumpkin tattoo ideas

Check out this pumpkin design that’s under the influence of poison ivy blending green with orange.

5. Simple Pumpkin Tattoo

Simple Pumpkin Tattoo

Love minimalistic inks that are simple? You’ll love this Halloween pumpkin on the leg.

6. Matching Pumpkins

Matching Pumpkins tattoo ideas

If your partner or friends are into pumpkins like you, a matching tattoo wouldn’t be a bad idea.

7. Laughing Pumpkin

Laughing Pumpkin tattoo ideas

Check out this pumpkin flash tattoo with a menacing laugh – what an incredible Halloween piece.

8. Pumpkin Snail Idea

Pumpkin Snail Idea

Why not add a weird twist to your

tattoo, like this snail with a pumpkin home instead of a shell?

9. Cute and Angry Pumpkin

Cute and Angry Pumpkin tattoo ideas

This cute little pumpkin that’s pissed is one of the best ideas on our list. You should definitely try it.

10. Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo

Halloween Pumpkin Tattoo ideas

Here’s a Halloween pumpkin design you can copy that’s full of flowers, a spiderweb, and flying bats.

11. Pumpkin Cat

Pumpkin Cat tattoo ideas

Why a mashed pumpkin and cat tattoo? Well, why not? Get a quirky one on your skin, too.

12. Pumpkin and Ghosts

Pumpkin and Ghosts tattoo ideas

This amazing ink of a laughing pumpkin and ghosts is one of the best we’ve ever seen!

13. Smol Pumpkin

Small Pumpkin tattoo idea

What a cute little pumpkin – it makes you want to reach out and cuddle this small pumpkin.

14. Pumpkin King

Pumpkin King tattoo ideas

What’s more terrifying than a menacing pumpkin? That’s right – a pumpkin king.

15. Ghost in a Pumpkin

Ghost in a Pumpkin tattoo ideas

A tiny, friendly ghost living inside a pumpkin – it’s the perfect Halloween ink.

16. Pumpkin and Bats

Pumpkin and Bats tattoo idea

You can add any spooky design to your pumpkin tattoo – like bats and stars. Even flowers.

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17. Pumpkin Lady

Pumpkin Lady tattoo idea

This pumpkin lady tattoo is a cool design to represent inner beauty and femininity.

18. Pumpkin and Cat

Pumpkin and Cat tattoo idea

There’s nothing cuter than a black cartoon cat that’s wearing a wizard’s hat and sitting on top of a pumpkin.

19. Rainbow Pumpkin

Rainbow Pumpkin tattoo idea

Your pumpkin doesn’t have to be orange! Give it any color you like or get all of them and turn it into a rainbow.

20. Pumpkin Doggo

Pumpkin Doggo tattoo idea

If you’re not a cat person, dogs look just as cute in little pumpkin inks. Here’s exhibit A.

21. Pumpkin Pinup Girl

Pumpkin Pinup Girl tattoo idea

Your tattoo is about personal meaning but it’s also about fun. And a pinup girl with a pumpkin head is a ton of fun.

22. Pumpkin Teapot

Pumpkin Teapot tattoo idea

Here’s another amazing and witty tattoo idea of a teapot that’s made out of a pumpkin.

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Why Get a Pumpkin Ink?

A pumpkin tattoo shows a deep appreciation for change, growth, and the cycle of life. If you get this, it will be a sweet little reminder on your skin – a reminder of the joy and warmth the different phases of your life bring.

It’s a lovely choice for anyone who has a special connection with themselves. If you think a pumpkin can showcase what you feel, go for this and don’t think twice.

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