7 Stunning Purple Sunflowers

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Purple Sunflowers are a fresh breath of colorful change from the common yellow-orange ones!

Picture a sunflower that comes in a shade no one would ever imagine! That’s what the blossoms in this list are all about!

Look at the Best Sunflower Colors 

Best Purple Sunflowers

1. Black Magic Sunflower

Black Magic Sunflower Best Purple Sunflowers

This one stands out with its large flower heads and petals, which exhibit a unique burgundy hue with an occasional purple tinge.

2. Chianti

Chianti Best Purple Sunflowers

Chianti Sunflowers are distinctive for their dark red petals sprouting from purple stems. They are pollen-less, making them suitable for allergy sufferers.

3. Claret Sunflowers

Claret Sunflowers Best Purple Sunflowers

Claret Sunflowers have showy, large heads and petals that range from burgundy-red to burgundy-purple. They are perfect for creating a lively garden ecosystem.

4. Chocolate Cherry Sunflower

Chocolate Cherry Best Purple Sunflowers

These offer large flowers with deep, chocolate-hue petals. Easy to grow from seeds, cherry sunflowers are perfect for creating a stunning garden display.

5. Floristan

Floristan Best Purple Sunflowers

Floristan Sunflowers’ vine- petals, almost appear purple, making them a delightful addition to any garden. They are perfect for sunny beds, borders, or cut flowers.

6. Huge Chocolate Sunflower

Huge Chocolate Best Purple Sunflowers

These sunflowers have a stunning combination of deep purple with a light yellow tinge at the borders. They are perfect for those seeking to grow something unique and rare.

7. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge Best Purple Sunflowers

Moulin Rouge is a deep burgundy-red sunflower with dark centers. This branching variety is pollen-free and produces multiple flowers.

Purple Sunflower Meaning

The uncommon color of these flowers make them a a symbol of rarity, which symbolizes  standing out from the crowd and celebrating individual differences. The rich color is also associated with royalty, luxury, and wealth.

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