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Learn how to prune rose of sharon. Pruning Rose of Sharon is the most important practice if you want to maintain it in right form and control the growth. Rose of Sharon, a hardy member of the hibiscus family and is a popular flowering shrub or small tree. The plant is attractive and easy to grow.

Mature Rose of sharon bush can grow up to 12 feet tall and if you want to maintain its natural form you don’t need to prune it much. Basically rose of sharon flower buds appear from new growth and it needs to be pruned in late winter or early spring.pruning rose of sharon_mini

Pruning Rose of Sharon is the most important practice if you want to maintain it in right form and control the growth. Without pruning, it grows upright and thin and flowers emerge only on top stems. Therefore, it needs to be pruned at the right time in late winter or early spring, quality and quantity of flowers are affected due to pruning.

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Rose of Sharon Pruning Requirements

Rose of Sharon does not need regular pruning, it grows wild in many Asian countries. You can leave it alone for decades to grow and it flourishes without much work at all.

Pruning Rose of Sharon for Size

Sometimes, it may be necessary to prune Rose of Sharon to reduce its size, especially when it is overgrown. Such pruning rejuvenate the plant. You can prune the plant to one third of its height. Cut the oldest, overlapping and crossing branches and those that are high.

Pruning Rose of Sharon for Maintenanace

Pruning rose of sharon for maintenance can be done anytime. Look out for dead, damaged or diseased branches and once you find out, remove them.

Pruning Rose of Sharon for Bigger Blooms

Prune Rose of Sharon in the early spring to encourage bigger blooms. Prune off branches so that every branch has fewer buds. Although this will result in less flowers but the remaining flowers will be bigger, of better color and plant will remain strong too.

Training Rose of Sharon as a tree

If you like you can train Rose of Sharon as a tree. Read this to learn how to do this.

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