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Planting Rose of Sharon | How to Plant Rose of Sharon

Learn how to plant rose of sharon. Rose of sharon is actually a variety of hibiscus, which is native to Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. Planting rose of sharon is possible in variety of zones as it is adaptable to multiple climates.

USDA Zones— 5 – 11

Difficulty— Easy

Other Names— Hibiscus syriacus,  rose mallow, Althea frutex, Syrian ketmia, St Joseph’s rod, althea

Planting Rose of Sharon is simple and easy. The shrub can be planted either on the ground or in a large container. With its wide, colorful and beautiful flowers, the Rose of Sharon adds charm in any garden.planting rose of sharon_mini

Rose of Sharon are planted in gardens in the spring or summer when all dangers of frost are passed.

    1. Rose of Sharon is a very hardy plant that can be grown practically at any location with minimal care. Although best location to plant it on a sunny spot with afternoon shade in well-drained soil .
    2. Dig a hole as deep as the root ball of the plant and three times as wide. Put a shovel of dirt back into the hole.
    3. Mix 2 inch layer of compost in soil and perlite or sand if soil is not well draining.
    4. Remove the Rose of Sharon from nursery pot. Loosen the soil around root ball and spread out the roots.
    5. Set the root ball in the hole, and fill the rest of the hole with soil.
    6. Tamp the soil around the bush. Optionally add bark or wood chips mulching around the plant.
    7. Water the plant thoroughly to settle the soil and water regularly to keep the soil moist until plant establishes.
    8. Deadhead flowers of the Rose of Sharon to stimulate more flowering.


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